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11/4/12 5:11 P

okay thank you so much. I guess I was right, a lil too much a lil too fast

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11/4/12 3:54 A

walking in releve is quite different from doing calf raises in place. Start out just doing calf raises on a step. Work up to doing them with one leg at a time (i.e., the lifting leg is lifting your entire body weight, not both legs together). When you can do those easily (the key is BALANCE, not strength - you probably have plenty of strength to do it now, but your balance is probably going to be weaker), then you can do the releve walk (or not - I'm not sure that there's much advantage to doing it). If you're doing it without really good balance, you're going to put excess strain on your ankles. I wouldn't worry about the calf muscle, that can take a beating, but you don't want to mess with your ankles.

What do you mean by 4 or 5 positions? Start with a straight position and don't add the others if you mean what I think you mean (toes pointing in other directions) until you've been doing them straight for a little while. You have to build up to these exercises, even ones like calf raises that feel really easy because the muscle is strong enough to do the work. Calf raises are one of those exercises that feel really easy until you lose your balance by a few millimeters and then your ankle hurts for a week. Take it a little more slowly and you'll be fine.

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11/3/12 8:07 P

okay, maybe it was just a LOT of soreness. goofy me went from NO calf raises to like 40 or 50 a day for several days.

yeah maybe that was it. Maybe I should just do 4 or 5 in 4 different positions instead.

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11/3/12 7:44 P

Hi Brenna,

Soreness is to be expected, but pain is a whole different issue. Rest, ice and allow time to recover and then slowly integrate some calf raises (see the Fitness resource center), if the pain returns, then you may want to talk with your doc.

Coach Nancy

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11/3/12 5:34 P

well I have been practising heel lifts and walking in releve around the house. well now the back of my heel is sore/hurt and I woke up pain in my calves like during pregnancy.

any advice on strenghtening these muscles w/o pain?

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