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ADIOSALL Posts: 5,197
8/27/13 11:02 P

It's no excuse when you suffer heat stroke in Texas in the middle of the summer doing cardio outside! I need to keep my workouts in the A/C in my home gym!

LOUIE-LILY Posts: 4,708
8/27/13 9:20 A

Good for you for figuring a way to work it out! I live in South FL and I work full time, so by the time I get home the late day thunderstorms are rolling in. I had to give up my outside walk/run for a time and I'm doing my inside dvds. I'm finding I'm working a whole new set of muscles I'd forgotten about :)
Good luck!

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (43,373)
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Posts: 1,243
8/27/13 8:08 A

Awesome! I've found with living in Florida, I can't depend on the weather to ever be on my side, so I have to be ready to run even if it is still hot. I'm not talking middle of the day humid and hot, but 7:30pm is still pretty hot out.

Good for you for not letting an excuse get the better of you!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,420
8/27/13 6:43 A

Well done on not letting the heat beat you!

DASHKATH Posts: 861
8/27/13 4:58 A

Good for you! Extreme temperatures are reasons to change up your exercise routine not an excuse to give up. Congrats on working through it.

WALDEN9 SparkPoints: (14,533)
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8/26/13 4:23 P

for the longest time i use to use the excuse that it was too hot outside to exercise at the gym. personally it was a pure excuse that would only lead to other excuses for not exercising. i decided to roll my car windows down early in the morning so my car was not so hot. i decided to go earlier in the day, so i was not so hot. if you definitely want to commit to a goal excuses can not be the reason for reaching those goals. everyone's health is very important, so do not jeopardize it and not exercise at all. you only live once so take care of the life you have. emoticon

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