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7/8/13 1:58 P

That is a significant drop in your resting heart rate in a very short period of time, you shoould recheck to make sure it is accurate. M@L answered the rest.

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7/8/13 11:12 A

1. Your heart rate is irrelevant for fat loss. The "fat burning zone" is a misleading myth. Focus instead on the total calories burned (and consumed).
2. This really refers to NON-exercise daily activity, so your workout program isn't really relevant to this.
3. Yes, eating too little on a sustained basis can cause your body to go into "starvation mode', slowing your metabolism, sacrificing muscle to preserve fat stores longer, etc. Not only is this unhealthy, but it makes your longer term weight loss efforts harder.

Heart rates can differ significantly from person to person, even if both are considered healthy. But broadly speaking, under 60 is good, under 50 suggests a high level of fitness.


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7/8/13 10:28 A

Sounds like you're off to a great start! Resting heart rate dropping is a good sign because it means that your body is getting more efficient at moving blood around.

Your questions in order:
1) I don't think there is really a 'target' heart rate, but I generally use the "talk test." Basically, if I'm exercising and can carry a conversation easily, I'm not working hard enough. There's an article on SP somewhere about it.

2) Me, personally, sedentary means I'm spending 80% of my time on my duff and not exercising regularly.

3) Yes. Your body still needs fuel in order to perform all of its functions and support exercise. When you start depriving it of fuel (not enough calories), it gets less efficient and starts hoarding resources

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7/8/13 10:16 A

Hi ,I have a few questions.
I started excercising the middle of last month, I stopped drinking tea and soft drinks ( its been over a month). I started out walking/ riding my bike 4-6 miles daily during the week. I took a week off due to personal schedule and medical reasons. Last week I started 2 home dvd workouts ( turbo jam and 30 day shred, I also did 1 day of couch 2 5k but it rained the rest of the week so I couldn't do the other 2 days)
my starting resting heart rate around the 17th of June was 77 ( its always been in the mid 60/70s.
I checked it today and it was 55. Is that normal? Or good ?

Have only lost 2 lbs that I know of. I am trying to lose over 100 lbs (110/120)

Ok questions: what is my target heart rate for most fat burned ?
Metabolism - at what point would you change your activity level from sedentary/lightly active to moderate ?

Can you really have a negative effect on weight loss by eating too few calories ( not eatinng enough to lose weight? )

I am fairly healthy 32, mother of 5.. good blood pressure, just overweight and have knee pain.

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