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2/5/12 1:08 A

Hi there, and welcome . Sorry to hear your husband had a stroke!!!! If you need any thing
let me know!! Spark is wonderful; and you will find support here. Take care!

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2/5/12 1:05 A

Perhaps take a chat with a dietitian- if your husband has issues with eating it is vital you get professional help- not all my stroke and heart attack clients can swallow without difficulties the dietitian can give you options to avoid getting food stuck in his throat..
They can also help you work directly to get his values down as fast as possible to avoid more strokes where humanly possible.. You need to know what you have to change and one on one when stressed is better than being bombed on a public forum board..
Red(resthome helper, I have many clients whom have issues efter strokes and heart attacks- we also use dietitians in the fight to give people a better life quality and we have others whom are genetically inclined to have strokes as have a whole side of the family suffering them.. In short the walls of some arterties or veins in their head as so thin they bust when they get to a certain age I have one or two with prevention shunts in their head to avoid more strokes.. This sector is profoundly hard to give advice to because they are many times normal or below bmi healthy so need help not to loss weight and there with muscle mass to keep moving around- a dietitian is wonderful to avoid lossing what abilities like walking- some still can walk but without the right food they can feel weak and fall at times..)

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2/4/12 11:49 P

Hello my name is Liz Marler , My main reason for joining is my husband had a stroke and I need to learn how to cook healthier food .

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