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11/30/12 5:49 P

okay thanx. maybe i'll try a salad made of roasted red bell peppers, marinated mushrooms, marinated artichoke hearts and marrinated sun dried tomatoes

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11/30/12 5:08 P

I believe the branx is Joseph's. They have a high fiber flax pita bread that is quite tasty. Arnold has sandwich pockets that are multigrain and can be stuffed like a pita.

Sides: Roasted eggplant. lettuce and red onions with a sprinkle of fat free feta bits. onion rings (just kidding although Hungry Girl has some that I have not tried that are supposed to be lower in calories). roasted potato wedges. greek salad.

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11/30/12 2:00 A

the sauce - I always use yoghurt

haven't decided on a good alternative gyro bread

was gonna buy premade gyro meat - not sure where yet

any ideas of a good "side" to eat with it?

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11/30/12 12:37 A

I assume that you have swapped out the regular pita bread for a high fiber, low calorie version. Switched the regular sour cream in the cucumber sauce to yogurt or lite sour cream.
The meat is basically a meatloaf. You might want to experiment with the composition of the loaf by using some chicken or turkey mixed in with the lamb/beef. The plus side is that the lamb has such a strong flavor that the poultry added is not really noticeable. There are a lot of recipes out there for gyro meat. Good luck and keep us posted with the recipe and results of your experiments.

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11/29/12 8:06 P

does anyone have any advice on remaking gyros?

a way to make it healthier on not so starch heavy? but still delicious?

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