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healthy eating on a budget

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3/6/13 3:17 P

Buy vegetables that are in season since they are usually the least expensive. Frozen vegetables are great too and are often on sale. (a $1 a bag around here) Chicken, turkey, eggs are usually the least expensive protein options. I write out a menu for the week and shop the sales, and stick to my list.

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3/6/13 2:01 P

As another poster mentioned, this topic comes up pretty regularly....if you do a search for "budget" or "cheap meals" or something like that, they should come up. There are tons of great ideas on them.

For me, it was a process, not an overnight thing. I tweaked one family favorite meal at a time, keeping some ideas and discarding others that didn't work so well for us. I tried new things once a week at most, to keep the grumbling to a minimum. The hubby and I still discuss the use of ground turkey instead of beef---he insists he can taste the difference, but he only catches it about half the time, so I continue to use it emoticon

My biggest tips would be: get to know what rock bottom sale prices are for your area; look closely at the sales ads for your nearby stores and plan your meals around the best deals; stock up when you see a good deal on stuff you use a lot; look into using coupons--they can save you a ton if used with a good sale; and buy the produce that's on sale and in season--you'll spend less and it tastes better anyway.

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3/6/13 1:41 P

I have found that my own "healthy eating" shopping list is actually less expensive than my previous way of eating, for a few different reasons

1) eating less, therefore less groceries to purchase overall
2) eating less meat (a LOT less); other proteins like beans and grains are much cheaper
3) eating more home-cooking and less take-out/restaurant food - huge $ savings there
4) cooking more from "scratch" and much less prepackaged convenience ($$) food.

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3/6/13 1:35 P

What kind of budget are we talking? $50 a week? $100?

If you do a search here, this topic has been discussed a number of times.

But for me, the key to sticking to my budget ($75 or preferably less a week, for 2 people), is planning planning planning. I plan out almost every single meal I make and eat, a week in advance. Then before my weekly grocery trip, I have a meticulous list that I do not stray from. I also will shop based on the sales at the store. So if broccoli is on sale that week, we will have broccoli at least twice. If stuff like boneless skinless chicken is on sale for a good price, I will buy a few packages and freeze most of it, that way I'm not having to buy it another week when it's more expensive. I will only eat out for lunch once a week, max. Dinner out is maybe once every week or two. Everything else is either eaten at home, or I bring leftovers to eat for lunch.

But again, the #1 key to eating on a budget is PLANNING.

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3/6/13 1:32 P

Bananas, frozen veggies, cabbage are cheap.
Turkey bacon is cheaper than regular.
I eat a frozen meal for lunch $2 compare to $5 - 7 at a fast food place.

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3/6/13 1:29 P

How do I get healthy food on a budget and buy more veggies and friut I want to get my whole family to eat healthy

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