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2/25/14 10:44 A

Yes, I have had my thyroid checked and it came back normal. But not sure if they did the test right.

I have had major depression and have had to be on zoloft for a while. I am taking anything now.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (565,062)
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2/24/14 11:23 P

I have Meniere's Disease and I have had to change my diet a little bit.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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2/24/14 11:22 P

I turned my life around about 6.5 years and 50 pounds ago. It's been a long journey with several set-backs along the way. I seem to take 2 steps forward, and then a step back. etc.

But over time, I have made significant progress. Every little step adds up -- in the long run.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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2/24/14 11:15 P

100#s ago I was pre diabetic, hypertensive, had high triglycerides and cholesterol, low iron, low D, low thyroid and if a number was supposed to be high, mine was low and if it should be low, mine was too high.

I had a gall bladder attack, thought it was a heart attack. I thought I was going to die. I was 40 years old.
My Doctor slapped me along side the head and asked me if I planned to eat myself to death?
It was an eye opening experience.

I quit drinking soda, used to drink a 12 pack a day. I quit eating fast food. I quit ordering in pizza. I started exercising. I started eating better. It took years to lose 100#s.

I did not make all of these changes overnight. I started with the soda, that took about a month.
Then I stopped fast food for dinner, then for lunch. Slow steady changes. One change at a time until it became a habit.

It takes time. Huge changes made overnight last overnight. Small changes made over months will last and turn into huge changes.

I no longer drink soda or eat fast food. I rarely eat highly processed foods. I eat 5 or more fruits/veggies a day. I don't fry foods.

You can do this. Just do it slowly. Even one small change will help.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,707
2/24/14 9:53 P

Have you ever been checked for low thyroid, or depression, sometimes that kind of thing can make it harder to lose weight...........just a thought, I wish you well.

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
2/24/14 9:36 P

Yes, a huge number of us are here because of various health problems-- either we were diagnosed with something or we knew that we would get it if we didn't make changes. If you go to the "Community" tab and look at "SparkTeams," you can search for groups made up of people with your same issues. I think probably the majority of SparkPeople members came here because of health concerns.

DEIDREALLEN SparkPoints: (1,620)
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2/24/14 4:36 P

I wanted to ask anyone if they had been diagnosed with health problems and have to make healthier lifestyle changes. I had been diagnosed with fatty liver, prediabetes, benign kidney cysts in August 2012. I have slowly lost weight and I am on a plateau forever seems like. I am working with my nutritionist free through the heart program I am in. I was having heart problems as well because my triglycerides were so high. Learned that I had fatty liver because of my triglycerides. It's been a learning experience for me. I am trying to be very careful now and trying to get better at journaling, which helps me stay on track. I am learning not to be too hard on myself. I never gave myself a break. I was a yo-yo dieter all my life, lost weight and regained it. Seems like after my daughter was born 12 years ago, it's been hard to get the weight off this time. I feel that I need to make these changes slowly and to do it right this time. I feel the difference when I eat healthy and when I don't. I am taking two heart medications. Sometimes though, I just feel like I am not going to be able to do this because I fall back so much. Realizing now that my overeating and sodas have contributed to my high triglycerides. All the wrong choices I made in eating and overeating have pretty much put me in a position to take a long look and reevaluate what I am doing. I am a single mom now. Widowed for almost 10 years. It just hit home with me when I got sick. I just got to make it work this time.

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