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11/30/12 3:02 P


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11/30/12 2:24 P

I have seen her blog recently and while it can be good its not really helping me.

I am inbetween.

when I was a teen and lost 50 pounds, I was 135 but still 20 pounds overweight. I was CONSTATNTLY hungry. All the time.

I would prefer 160 or 175. I would eventually be happy to get under 200. right now I would like to break my plateau lol.

I know you can be healthy and do backbend and be over 200 pounds BUT I know its not healthy for me. it doesn't help me where I wanna go so I don't wanna look at blogs like that.

11/30/12 12:35 P

I saw this blog recently about someone who is 5' 4" and close to 300 lbs. Worth a read. The author sometimes seems a bit narcissistic though. Take with a grain of salt.

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11/30/12 6:39 A

Thanks for clarifying that. I agree that few of us are really healthy at 300 or 400 pounds but that other than MORBID obesity, there is probably a LOT more room to be healthy than most "healthy goal ranges" actually show. I never thought MORBID obesity was HEALTHY, but simply that you CAN be HEALTHIER rather by the choices you make - ironically, when I make healthier food choices even without watching calories, the weight slowly melts away anyhow.

11/30/12 5:41 A

The message of HAES is essentially to take care of one's body the best one can, and let the weight fall where it will (so it's health focused rather than weight focused). It's very close to Spark in that way, I find...

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11/29/12 11:20 P

yes and no.

I know and realize that 120 pounds isn't healthy for everyone. I WANT to be pro-HAES BUT, BUT I have a hard time thinking that someone can be really healthy at 300 or 400 pounds. I mean I have lost 20 pounds, but my weight is still hard on my knees and back (much less so than before).

so yeah

and I like soap boxes

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11/29/12 10:15 P

I would say that YES, you CAN be healthy at any size - AND unhealthy at any size. That doesn't convince me that there are not benefits to losing weight in a healthy, reasonable manner. I was obese and healthy until all of a sudden around my 50th birthday I WAS NOT. Within a month of my 50th birthday, I found out I had diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure - none of which I had when I went to the doctor at age 49 1/2 and last had blood work done - all was NORMAL and HEALTHY and THEN it wasn't.

I know also that as we age, carrying a little excess weight (a lot less than I carry around) is protective rather than dangerous - in the elderly, a bout of flu or other sudden illness can be MUCH more difficult on someone who is underweight or thin than on someone who has a little extra cushion in case of emergencies. Part of that may be that some of those thin/skinny people got that way through unhealthy eating practices, over-exercising, binging and purging, diet pills (especially available in years gone by), smoking, etc.

I also know that the IDEAL weight for each of us is different from the GENERIC IDEAL WEIGHT for someone of a certain height. Maybe the healthiest weight for each of us depends on more things than we know at this time. People come in a lot of different healthy sizes and shapes.

Does that answer your question in any way? Sometimes I get on a soap box.

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11/29/12 7:52 P


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11/29/12 3:50 P

I have recently just startd reading this book?

has anyone else read this? are you yay or nay on this book?

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