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10/18/14 10:14 A

I just joined this group and was happy to read your post. It sounds like we are in the exact same spot in life. I have decided that I can not let menopause win and I will fit nicely in my clothes again. I hope you have been doing well.

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1/22/14 3:48 P

Hi, I just rejoined SparkPeople. I see you haven't posted for awhile, but I like what you said about more veggies. In July of 2013 i weighed, 176 and wanted to lose 10 lbs, Today I weigh 182 and the weight fluctuates every darn day!! Did that happen to you too? I am working on increasing my workout, going to a gym doesn't work where I live, so I am using the treadmill, free weights and yoga. thanks for you input. Ps. I am 56, 5'8" .

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2/21/13 7:17 P

Hi Sono

If you click on My Trackers at the top of the page and go to Nutrition, you can scroll to the bottom of your nutrition tracker to see your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges. Are you currently tracking all of your food?

It sounds like you've lost about 5 pounds over the past month, which is GREAT! You can expect to lose an average of 1 lb per week, so I'd say you're on the right track.

Coach Jen

JRWELL58 Posts: 1,389
2/21/13 7:13 P

Hi Sono...I am doing much better since I cut my carb grams way down below what spark people recommends for me. I'm having no more than 50 grams a day, and I think they were recommending 150. Also I try not to go over 1000 cals a day- to 1200. And I make sure to get all my protein. Oh, I know I'm going to get fussed at...but that's what it takes for me to lose ANY weight off my post-menopause body. And I am doing lots of cardio.

SONO918 Posts: 36
2/21/13 6:04 P

Hi, I am 5 foot 6 inches and weight about 161. Started at about 166 mid January. Pretty much sedentary lifestyle due to pain. My goal is about 122-125 lbs. My caloric limits is 1200 - 1550. Seem to be at a Standstill. Am doing about 2 fruits a day and 2-4 cups salad every day. Don't know how to change things in nutrition. I think I should be taking in more protein and less fat and carbs. But I don't have info regarding how they got the amts that it was set up with. How do I fine tune things. And what or where do I find info as to what I should really be doing. Have been trying to keep my calories around the 1200. Any ideas for me? All thought/ info is welcome. Thanks.

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1/5/13 6:19 P

Hi Girls,
I just found this site this week and I love it... Just what I was looking for and it's FREE!! I have just gone through menopause at age 49. I have gained about 30 pounds in the last year and a half... my job requires me to be on an airplane most of my life, and I sometimes feel like I have eaten my way "across America!" When I went to the doctor I weighed in at 175 ( I am 5'8" tall).. now I know why my size 12 pants are so tight I cannot breathe.. I have lost and gained weight my entire life and I've decided that this will be the last time I lose 30 pounds. My goal is to at least be into my size 12 by May... this is my big 50, and the KY Derby. Of course, menopause has not been my friend either.
Just wanted to introduce myself.. emoticon

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9/11/12 2:28 P


The last thing a person should do is cut their calories to 400 a day to lose weight. That's not a healthy way to lose weight.

I'm not that much younger than you, but here's my take on menopause and weight loss. It is NOT impossible to lose weight once you've become menopausal. However, it will be slower than when you were younger. Why ? Lean muscle. As woman age, if they do do some regular strength training, they lose lean muscle. That's a bad thing for many different reasons. The big one is osteoporosis. If you don't do weight bearing exercises for your bones, those bones will weaken with time.

Also, lean muscle burns fat. Remember how active you were as a young woman ? That's when you had the most lean muscle. That's why you were able to lose weight quickly. If you became sedentary as you grew older, you lost some of that muscle. that's why many older women find it difficult to lose. It's not just because they're starving their bodies of the calories they need to be healthy, it's because they have less lean muscle.

But, don't fret. You CAN still increase your lean muscle. Yes, it means you're going to have to learn to do some strength training. However, it will be the BEST thing you've ever done for your body. Don't be afraid to lift a heavy weight. You will not look like a body builder if you do. Adding lean muscle will change your body. I've been weight training for several years now and I can't rave enough about what it's done for my body.

And yes, I'm peri-menopausal.

If you're not sure where to start with strength training, check out the fitness section. Coach Nicole has a few short 10-15 minute strength workouts you can do at home.

If you'd like to learn more about menopause and strength training, read this Daily Spark Blog.

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9/11/12 2:13 P

thanks for the tips. at 5'10 / 5'11 depending on how tall I stand and who measures me.....
I weight about 176 but am trying to get down to at least 155. but preferably 150.... that is where my size 10's fit.

I am not a sweets eater, nor am I much of a meat eater. I could eat veggies and soup all day with an occasional poached egg on toast or a piece of chicken (baked, not fried). I don't eat fried foods.

my favorite splurge is pizza. preferably homemade. green peppers and mushrooms, maybe black olives but again I don't eat much meat. I also am fond of toasted french bread - toasted with a little olive oil, rubbed with garlic and then spread that with avocado and put tomato slices on it.

I just don't eat that much of anything. not that I try to not eat, but I just don't usually crave anything............. I'm a scratch cook and grown alot of the stuff I eat. In the spring / early summer by breakfast is mainly walking around the yard and eating rasberries / blueberries and whatever else happens to be ripe.

someone had said that hormones play a huge part in weight loss after menopause. I don't know if that's true or not, but it sure seems that way. someone else suggested that I take an iodine supplement since I live in the rust belt and we don't get much iodine which is the mineral that helps our thyroid work properly. Does anyone know or have information on either of these topics? I have a hard time believing stuff told to me by someone trying to sell the stuff. :-) My hubby and I are small business owners and don't have health insurance so getting a phycial is out of the budget for now. maybe 2014? but until then I really need to figure this out.....


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9/11/12 11:38 A


I am 50 and your height.
Previously lost 50 lbs twice & regained it back. : (

I succeeded w/ SparkPeople this time and do feel like I can maintain it for the rest of my life due to it being a change in lifestyle vs diet. The support & camaraderie on this site of phenomenal!!

Two things I did that really changed it up for me and actually made this time a lot easier in terms of losing weight:

1) Cut alcohol consumption about 95%. No more nightly Pino Noirs. I do have one drink when out for an occasion which is not too often.

2) REALLY increased the veggie & fruit consumption. I eat 4.5 cups of raw veggies a day minimum. It's basically a ziplock baggie stuffed to the breaking point w/ red & orange bell peppers, zucchini & yellow squash, cucumbers, snap peas and sliced yams.
If I'm working crazy hrs at work, that may be the only fruit & veggie selection I get, but more often than not, I also add fruits (berries, apples, pears, tomatoes, etc) and sometimes additional veggies to my various meals throughout the day. I eat meat, diary, a lot of almond products (almd milk & nutbutters). Lots of eggs & avocados. Some Atkins products (only if I love the taste).

I don't deprive myself - I refuse to anymore! But I am mindful of portion control as I was way out of whack on that before.

Get a digital food scale (your new best friend). I do 30-40 min of cardio every day (run/walk)and very heavy weights at the gym once (sometimes twice) a wk. I have a weight set at home so I do a set of something everyday after my walk. Also a few sit-ups each day..

I don't use a scale but I think my starting wt was around 220 (I hopped on a friends scale quickly - I was so panicked!). I was an 18/20 and am now a 6/8. Spark put my range at 1200-1550 for 2 lbs a week. However, I ate at the high end most times and even over about 25% of the time figuring if it took me a little longer, I didn't care; I was so done w/ "dieting!"

The veggies are your KEY. They will be your salvation, I'm telling you. I can & do indulge but whatever I do, I also eat that bag of veggies every single day.
This was the easiest time I ever had losing weight. I started last yr at 49.

BTW, I was consistently walking 2 mi each day (since 2003) pre-Spark and never lost weight. It was what I was eating that held me back.
It really is all about your nutrition, especially as we get older! Veggies. Veggies. Veggies.

Good luck!

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
9/11/12 10:56 A

400 calories a day is not enough. It will kill your metabolism, and you will not lose. If 1400 is your BMR with no daily activity modifier, you still need to account for even a mostly sedentary lifestyle. So, that would put you at 1680. Then, if you workout, you can add those calories in as well. If you only have 25 pounds to lose, 2 pounds a week is not a realistic goal. The closer to your goal weight you get, the more your body fights to keep extra food store. The "last few" pounds are a b!tch, let me tell ya!

So, I would suggest setting up your account here. Put in your height, current weight, age, etc. Plug in your goals. Put in your estimated calories burned through exercise into your fitness tracker, then simply follow the nutritional ranges that SP provides you, give it two months and see what happens.

A good full body ST routine would be a good place to start. If you want to start really slow, forgo the weights for now and use body weight. Squats, push-ups (regular, modified or wall, depending on your ability), planks, etc. You could go up to some weights and do bench press, deadlifts, squats, overhead press and bent over rows 3 times a week with a decent weight (a bar or dumbbells), 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps at a challenging weight to really get things going.

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9/11/12 6:39 A

It seems that ever since going thru menopause losing weight is almost impossible. I'm 58 and 5'10" and I think the free health screening I just had indicated that my calorie intake to maintain my weight should be around 1400K. If that is the case - then in order to lose 2 lbs per week I would have to reduce my intake to 400 calories per day. Is that right? if so, that would explain why I can't seem to lose weight. I am not sedentary although I am not over active either. I guess I'm fairly normal.

I would like to lose about 25 lbs but don't know where to start. I've starting walking again approx 1 mile per day in addition to my regular day, but I do have knee issues and am always afraid my knee will get worse and I'll get half way thru my walk and not be able to get back.

I was also told I have osteopenia which is a condition which is on the way to osteoporosis so weight training of some sort would be good.

any suggestions for getting started aside from what I am currently doing? I'm a fairly healthy eater and open to exercise but I either need some type of weight training which starts out slow or cardio that is low impact in addition to my daily walk.

My biggest food sin is coffee. I like it black, but my stomach needs cream. I do watch how much I use and keep it to a minimum but just can't live without my coffee.

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