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9/4/13 3:47 P

Unident's right; yoga's not a big calorie burner. I do a pretty intense form of yoga (DDP Yoga) but it generally burns less than 200 calories for each approximately 30 minute workout. The form I use is a lot more strength-focused, but there's not a lot of cardio to it.

Yoga provides other benefits, and I personally feel it should be a part of any fitness program (it's got great benefits both mentally and physically) but it doesn't replace cardio nor strength training, and as the others mentioned, I would be wary of any system that uses spot reduction as a part of its marketing plan, even if it's not at the end of the day going to promise that. It's misleading, and I dislike giving money to manipulative advertisers.

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9/4/13 11:49 A

I ordered the Flat Belly Yoga dvd. Here are my thoughts...
1) While the name says Flat Belly Yoga if you investigate that claim isn't that it will magically all by itself banish that trouble area. The whole program is a combo. of the Flat Belly eating plan, the yoga, and cardio. After doing the routines I think it's more because Yoga is great for your use it a lot! *Side note, you do use light hand weights for these routines.
2) I do NOT like Yoga, but I manage to make it through this one. Granted the two routines I am doing is only 15 and 20 minutes long (there is one just under an hour in length, but I've yet to get that brave), but in that time I do feel my body working and I am quite relaxed after.

So will this alone give you a toned middle? Probably not.
Is it worth it? Yes! It is a great way for Yoga to be squeezed in regularly and it is very calming.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
2/28/13 2:02 P

I think you have all of the tools and information you need here. Why pay for gimmicks? You get a flat belly through diet and tone your core through exercise.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/28/13 1:34 P

I agree with Gabby. Also, yoga is a fantastic flexibility workout. Being flexible can help with other ways of working out, but flexibility work simply isn't a big calorie burner. So yoga doesn't really contribute very much at all to fat loss.

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2/28/13 7:46 A

I haven't heard of it but just wanted to say, anything that claims to target a particular part of the body isn't real. You can't target one location. If that was the case we would all be super lean with six packs.

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2/28/13 6:31 A


I keep receiving email adverts about a book and diet plan called Flat Belly Yoga...anyone tried it? Any thoughts?



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