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6/16/13 10:41 A

Hello, I am 13 weeks post op of my RNY...I have lost 70 pounds as of this morning...YEAHHHH and I wouldnt change it for the world. Its a BIG adjustment to the world we know but it will save your life in many ways. I have not thrown up, but I have been nausea a few times very mildly. There are only a few things I feel after eating that I should probley stay away from and I do. Many things are different after of course and there are things that happen that make you think " Did I make the right choice? Like you want an extra bite of something but you cant because your full, OR you cant get down the amount of protine and fluids they want you to. I had a hard time understanding I couldnt swallow after cause of the swelling. It all goes away shortly after. i dont eat any red meat any more, no rice, I watch ALL sugar and carbs. I make many different choices now. I no longer eat pizza which was my favorite thing. I have had a bite and it just wasnt there. I make alternate choices for bread if NEEDED...I try not to eat any bread if I can help it. I limit pasta to a bare minimum. I eat lots of veggies and chicken, turkey and fish. I do eat all fruits and yogart and eggs, low fat cheese. I have had lower sugar treats in moderation. I have changed the way I eat in many ways. It may not be the right choice for you just because it was for me. You have to decide if this is what you want. I had no comlications with anything from the begining through today. Best wishes to everyone

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/28/13 10:11 A

No, but I know there's quite a few folks around here that have. You could try checking out this team, for example

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4/28/13 9:48 A


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4/28/13 9:44 A


I had the RNY gastric bypass surgery about 5 weeks ago. I have had sensitivity to food and water, the foamies, and the dry heaves and nausea too. My email is : I am also on youtube. Email me with any question, or advice!


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10/21/12 11:42 P


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10/21/12 10:54 P

No, & due to major health issues, I'll take a pass on it. If this is something you're thinking about...please proceed with caution...

KACEYSW Posts: 5,528
10/21/12 10:42 P

My sister had it. She has great difficuly with many foods and now has to take medicines the rest of her life to get the nutrition she needs. She has also gained back 70% of what she lost after the surgery 4 years ago.

RONNIEHUEY Posts: 12,033
10/21/12 9:19 P

My sister has a Lap Band. She discovered if she eats very slowly and thoroughly chews her food,it usually stays down.She also gets up during meals and walks around. Other wise it comes up because she doesn't have gag control.A few years ago I had a friend who has the bypass surgery.I don't remember what she did.Sorry. I changed insurance companies so I can has the surgery.November first I will start my battle with them about getting the surgery.
I live in the Southern Calif High Desert.I have a spoiled Beagle and a feral cat and a wild outside cat who adopted me.She lives on my roof in order to be safe from the coyotes. I'm cat siting my daughters huge Orange Tabby while she is serving our country in the army.I love books and have over 10,000.Good luck with your weight lass journey emoticon

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10/21/12 9:13 P

I have a friend who did and he nearly died, but he's ok now.

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10/21/12 9:02 P

too dangerous!

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10/21/12 7:28 P

I am wondering if there is anyone that has ever gone through a Gastric Bypass Surgery that I can talk to Via email and be email pen pals with . Right Now I have a lot of Questions about gastric bypass because I am having a Really Bad Dry Gag Nausea Feeling that will not go away that is bothersome, etc.. What can I do to get rid of the Dry gag nausea feeling that will not go away. If you know the answers please email me. If you would like to be my email pen pal I am looking for pen pals that will answer short letters with questions like for example:
1. Do you have any pets?
2. Do you like music?
3. What type of music do you like?

If you can talk to me please message me.I am also looking for a Diet Buddy .


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