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9/11/12 1:58 A

There is no herbal extract. HCG is a hormone, not a herb.

Perhaps you meant the homeopathic pills? Those have a few things going against them...

1. There's no actual HCG on them.

2. Your body can't absorb HCG orally anyway, it has to be injected.

3. HCG doesn't help with weight loss in any way at all.

If someone takes them and loses weight, it's because they believe they've taken something to help, and this helps them feel more confident about sticking to good choices, which leads to weight loss. The pills themselves have nothing in them that can at all contribute to additional weight lost.

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9/11/12 1:43 A

I think the previous poster means you're NOT going to get positive feedback. It works because you have to follow an incredibly low calorie diet with it. So, it actually doesn't work, the dangerously low calorie diet does.


There are no shortcuts. No magic bullets. No secret spells. What works is hard work, dedication, and a daily dose of chocolate.
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9/11/12 12:06 A

You are going to get a lot of positive feedback on hCG here.

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9/10/12 11:58 P

A friend of mine is a personal trainer and he swears by the stuff. No the actual hormone, but an herbal extract that is over the counter. He got hurt about a year ago and couldnt work out. He gained 50lbs. Once he was cleared to get back in the gym he started to use HCg and lost all of the weight in 2 months. I just started taking it a few days ago. I cant tell if its working or not yet. It tastes like someone dropped a cheap thin mint into a vat of battery acid...

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