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A.DRAGONFLY Posts: 143
1/22/15 9:36 A

I started late on the 30 Day Food Fit Challenge compared to the dates on this thread. I am now on Week 2 (Jan 22, 2015).

The meals have been easier to prepare than I perceived on my first scan of the list, The meals are delicious and varied. I look forward to see what I get to eat each day. The meals are planned for one serving. This results in not wasting food and makes it easy to multiply for more than 1 person.

Unfortunately, I have gained 3 pounds. I still feel like a success because I am eating healthy.

PEANUT-M-MS Posts: 369
5/3/14 2:50 P

I've not even been able to download day 1 yet, so I have not been able to start. My day 2 appeared in the email today. But I don't know what foods I need to have in the house yet.

2/5/14 3:00 P

I'm just curious what your results were with the fit food challenge? Thanks!

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