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2/6/12 12:25 A

My motivation...if I don't do anything it won't get easier for me to start. It's fiscally more responsible for me to take care of myself and be healthy than to spend money on drugs and doctors. I take care of myself, so my children won't have to take care of me....that is my motivation to keep at this every day.

2/5/12 8:16 P

I wish I could run 3 miles okay 1/2 mile. Good for you. I am also 55 and find it hard to loose I have been sparking for 2 weeks and lost about 2 lbs. So, I took a break this evening and had pizza and even though I went This feels great, I guess it takes time. It took time to get here it'll take time to get back.

Motivation for exercising for me would be having a phone tree where we would do it at the same time. Together even though we are apart. I tried this with my friends but they never stick to it.

1/31/12 5:46 A

For me it isn't a lack of motivation but the energy. I find that I get tired much more quickly. Also when I lay off for a few days on some activity, it becomes harder when I return to it. I wasn't feeling well and took a week off from running, then on Sunday I ran 3 miles. I thought I would never finish and my minutes per mile increased.

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1/30/12 12:51 P

emoticon This comment is what I need

ILMEL1957 Posts: 2,490
1/29/12 6:16 A

I will be 55 in a few months. It is harder for me to get motivated to exercise. I have the energy physically most days although I have back and knee pain, but it's getting my mind in sync. I usually put in a 45 minute walking dvd and get that done in the morning and than I'm done for the day.

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1/28/12 8:25 P

give yourself a "job" to walk or go to the gym or whatever you can't seem to get done. Then on "payday" treat yourself to something as a reward. i cannot motivate myself to do anything. but i can bribe myself.

JAZZ20 Posts: 1,035
1/28/12 6:59 P

I don't know if it is easier at a younger age. It seems like I've been trying to lose weight for decades. You just have to make up your mind and do it. At least I hope that will work.
Good luck

LOOSEINGIT Posts: 4,078
1/28/12 6:56 P

The best lesson I've learned while with Spark People..
Surround your self with sp friends that keep you movitaved
It is hard, and I'm soon to be 55

I've started walking when i joined sp and it has helped me with my journey, just have to put on my walking shoes even when I don't want to. emoticon

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1/28/12 8:58 A

It IS really hard. I keep losing the same 20 pounds over and over again. This time my motivation is my cholesterol, which is too high, so, to avoid another pill... back at it. emoticon

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1/28/12 8:53 A

Seems like the older you get the harder it is at the age of 55 its harder for me to get motivated with other things going on in life I need to take a step back and do me emoticon

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