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CPANTS52 Posts: 182
8/23/11 8:31 P

Like the others who have replied, I am sorry you had to go through this and agree that most men don't have a clue what women weight. The next time you want to celebrate with him, just say "I've lost over 20lbs!" or " I went down ANOTHER size!" - but avoid revealing your current number on the scale.

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8/21/11 9:50 P

I am sorry that this happened to you. And this is why I never tell people anything. No one knows I am on a diet. I don't tell them about my workouts or supplements. If they ask why I eat so many fruits/vegetables, I say it is because I like them. If they ask why I've cut down on fried foods, I simply say that the grease doesn't agree with me. I learned this the hard way. I grew up heavy. My mother put me on every diet known to man and then when I didn't show results in 1 week, she'd stop the diet and say "oh you are just not meant to be thin". Well gee mom don't you think you should give it time? If I was heavy since babyhood, don't you think it will take a little time for something to work? People who never had weight problems usually don't get it--emotionally, mentally or scientifically.

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8/21/11 9:06 P

Maybe your husband just wanted to encourage you to keep moving toward your ultimate goal. He even might have withheld some of his praise for all you have accomplished emoticon as he might have felt that it would discourage you from continuing. I so know the sting of how others perspective can impact but I would rather know the honest way that person sees than be coddled by flattery.
You know you have made progress and can be proud of that and the fact you are building a healthier lifestyle. Keep up the good work!

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
8/21/11 12:38 P

This made my stomach hurt. That completely sucks that he said that to you. But on the other hand, it shows you how completely clueless most men (and some woman) are. There are a lot of men who think all women should weigh 105 pounds, and that's the end of it. But the majority of women don't even look good at that weight. And I know if I weighed what you do, I would look awesome, and that would pretty much be as low as I'd even wanna go. He of course was hung up on the number. (Unless he was looking at you already and saying this before you told him your weight.) I know this hurts really bad, and you always have the option of talking to him and just letting him know the comment was insensitive. That way it won't happen again. Yet on the other hand, ignorant people fuel me because when they reveal their ignorance in the form of an uneducated statement, it really takes away the value of what they said. Either way, you have done an amazing job so far with your weight loss, and I hope you make the choice to talk to your hubs about it, or truly let it go. I don't want it to keep weighing you down. XOXO

8/21/11 11:38 A

Wow, I'm sorry your husband spoke without thinking and was inconsiderate to your feelings. Your husband probably thinks all women weight 110 lbs. Most men don't have a clue what real women weigh. Don't let his lack of knowledge about women deter you. You have accomplished so much. You deserve to be proud of yourself. I would buy something that makes you look amazing and then ask him how he feels about your weight. If he's smart, he will feel differently. ;)

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/21/11 11:29 A

Men are sometimes slow in the feelings department.. For the reference no one can eat what they want, read up about thinfat people.. They are worse ticking bombs that obviously fat people..

I have never seen so many thin fat people doing education programs because they have high cholestrol levels than now.. Tell him nice try buddy, make a good insurance policy for the family if you suddenly drop dead..

Perhaps he will want to cry..

JANLYNN32 Posts: 132
8/21/11 11:10 A

Congratulations on your weight loss!! That is awesome and sorry for lack of support! emoticon

SUPER-MOM_ Posts: 61
8/21/11 10:45 A

So - today I finally confided in my husband (who is tall and then and eats everything in his path) that I am 157.8. To me this is GREAT. Down from the 180's - on my way to my goal. I really never tell him anything because he just doesn't get it or support me. So what is his response to "I'm finally 157.8" (and have kept it below 160 for months??? "Wow, you're really heavy, you'd better loose a lot more weight." I wanted to cry - but instead I'm just posting this to get it off my chest. Done! I can move on.

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