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5/20/11 4:05 P

Its more because pasta is high in calories

3/30/11 1:12 P

i made the cheesy ranch burger one and that is what i did to figure it out, but it ends up being 1 cup without meat has more calories than 1 cup with meat.. its weird. i put it in that way anyways to have it on. thank you!

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3/30/11 1:05 P

I believe that it is listed on the package as dry mix or prepared. So you would take the dry mix and multiply it by how many servings are in the box. I believe it's 5. So it would be something like 320*5=1600. Now you have to find the info for whatever you are adding in and add that to that total. 2 cups 2% milk=240. So 1600+240=1840. Now take that total and divide it by 5 since there are 5 servings. 1840/5=368. That is just an example because I cannot remember what the exact calorie count for any of them are.

If you go to the under the healthy lifestyle tab you can enter it in on the recipe calculator and it will do all the math for you.

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3/30/11 12:30 P

i make my hamburger helper without meat, but i am very confused on figuring out how many calories it has and the serving size. does anyone know how to figure this out? thank you!

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