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JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,784
10/3/13 12:48 P

Being active was a good choice. The drive thru was potentially a bad choice, if you weren't able to make good choices. I agree with the advice that planning is key.

First, I go to Walmart with two weeks worth of meals planned (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), and buy everything I need except the veggies, fruit or perishables that will go bad before week 2. I get those at the local grocer. (I also check sales ads and what sort of protein that I have as I tend to buy meat in bulk and freeze.) Then I do a lot, if not all, of the prep during the weekend, so usually all I have to do is heat something up and maybe steam some veggies on a week night. I have a 30+ minute commute and like to workout in the evenings, so I have to make things as simple as possible on myself. This also helps as because I have everything planned, I really don't tend to make a lot of unexpected purchases (which would usually be junk) because I won't have room for them.

Second, just in case, I usually keep on hand something that I like and will eat that takes minimum effort. Right now, it tends to be fat free cottage cheese that I pair with fruit and baby carrots or rice cakes/graham crackers/light bread and peanut butter with a fruit/veggie. I also keep protein/meal replacement bars around for the rare occasion when I'm just too tired or have too little time for anything else.

GRACE1054 Posts: 605
10/3/13 10:09 A

Going to the gym and getting in a workout is ALWAYS a good choice. Planning is the key to staying on track especially at the beginning of a new healthy lifestyle program. Plan your meals and make sure you have what you need at home to make the meal. Make it simple so you won't be too tired to prepare it after work and working out. Also, keep in the front of your mind that it takes a lot longer to burn the calories than it does to consume them. If it takes 30 minutes of walking to burn 250 calories you will think twice before eating a 500 calorie fast food burger.

Good luck and keep at it.

CARILOUIE SparkPoints: (94,856)
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10/3/13 9:48 A

I like to prepare a meal before I go to the gym (if I'm going in the evening) and when I get home, all I have to do is heat it up. I don't like to cook when I get back from the gym!

BFIREHAMMER1990 SparkPoints: (781)
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10/3/13 8:17 A

My boyfriend and I are just starting on this healthy journey, and last night we used our gym memberships for the first time...and then felt too exhausted to cook and hit the drive thru emoticon
I'm trying to convince myself that going to the gym was still worthwhile, but I keep feeling like we'd have been better off skipping the gym and just making dinner at home instead.
Opinions? Experiences? Advice?

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