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What you have been doing is replacing one bad habit (addiction) with another. Try to find something else that you can do with your hands and mouth - the latter one being a bit more difficult - LOL!

If you have a lot of problems, you might like to talk with your Dr about this. He/she may be able to refer you to a Therapist. Sometimes there is a psychological component to it, and a Therapist may help you to unlock the problem and provide you with the tools to help you to harvest the resolution.

Good luck,

1/13/14 9:35 P

i lost a lot of weight a few years ago, for the most part kept it off. I went as low as 109 but missed my period for 2 years so doctor said gain some weight. i am at 128-132 now and have been for about a year. what helped me with overeating but gum chewing. i chewed and i chewed and i chewed... for over 2 years i have been eating packs and packs a day. as embarressing as it is, ill admit to eating anywhere from 3-6 PACKS of gum a day. I wuld chew it and spit it out 5 minutes later and then get new peice, and then eat 2 pieces at a time for more! sounds like an innocent addiction right? No, its not. I hate the feeling of wanting it all the time, and its costing as much as smoking was!!! ridiculous. Now the good new..... this is day 7 WITHOUT ANY GUM! im noticing LESS BLOAT, which is great. However my cravings seem to still be there i think everyday how i would like to have some and instead of chewing gum ive been drinking tonnns of tea, and wanting to eat candy and crap. Blaaaaaaaah anyone else go thru something like this?? i dont want to replace gum with junk but i have such a fidgety personality i just want this gum thing to stop and not always feel the neew to chew or drink or something.

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