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6/28/14 5:05 P

It's impossible to grow any taller; THe height you are now is the height you'll stay. I would suggest working to accept yourself for what you are. :)

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6/28/14 4:49 P


Sorry, but at 27 years old, you're done growing.

I know that losing 10kg seems daunting, but you've already lost 6kg. that's great !!

If you want to change your body to look better, consider doing some strength training to add lean muscle. Are you doing any type of strength training ? If not, I'm going to encourage you to start. Strength training can help you add lean muscle. Having lean muscle will give your body some definition. It won't make you taller, but it'll help you stand up straighter.

Having poor posture makes us look fat and squat. So, you could look taller if your posture improved. Also, dressing the right way can help make us look taller too. check out this link.

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6/28/14 11:11 A

at your age, you are done growing. If you want to be taller, buy a pair of killer high heel shoes.

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6/28/14 10:59 A

Hello :)
I want to ask about a program to grow taller and loose weight at the same time. I'm 71 kg and 62m, I already lost 6 kg but still have 10 kg to loose. Is it possible to gain height and I'm 27? If yes, how can I do ? Thanks

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