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SHADICAR Posts: 331
4/24/10 1:16 A

I agree with other posters, read the labels of each before purchasing. I like to mix things up when eating because I like variety. This past weekend I wanted a hamburger, not a turkey burger. So I purchased lean ground beef and it was so good on a lite bun. Don't take anyone elses word, read the labels yourself.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
4/23/10 10:18 P

Most people have a food processor- another way to avoid gossip and eating stuff of inferior quality is to food process your own ground poultry or beef..
Many food processors also come with a fitting to ground meat.. Don't own one great present to wish for or a motivation gift reaching a goal..

Another way to remove fat is to fry the meat on a teflon pan and remove it from the excess fat before adding it to a pot cooked dish..

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4/23/10 5:57 P

I remember hearing once (and I could be totally off on this, so if someone knows otherwise, please correct me) is to be careful with ground chicken, as sometimes they grind up the meat & skin together, giving it a higher 'hidden' fat content. Not sure if they do the same with turkey...

4/23/10 5:12 P

Thanks for the helpful responses. I will start to watch the fat percentages better.

4/22/10 9:31 A

Um, I think they are both great, and I eat both because 1) I like them and 2) I get sick of just one. Also, I prefer beef to chicken, probably BECAUSE of the fat, at least to a certain extent, but also the flavor of beef. If I could find lean ground pork, I would eat pork more often, because it makes great meatballs.

93/7 is the same for both beef and poultry, just read the packaging to see what you are getting. It just indicates what percentage of the weight is from fat (i.e. 7% in 93% lean.) 7% of 1 pound of chicken is the same as 7% of one pound of beef.

Beef has more saturated fat than poultry, I believe, which isn't actually bad for you despite popular belief, but that is really for you to decide if you will eat it.

Stop fearing the fat in meat. It's good for you!

ADALICE Posts: 813
4/22/10 9:25 A

I use either - based on what I have, price etc - for everything but burgers (where I prefer beef). but, I do check the fat content - using fatty ground turkey is certainly not better than lean ground beef.

I do have a meat grinder (Kitchenaid attachment) and use it some of the time (especially when I make sausage) - I know everythign I am eating that way and can control it.

TKISNER Posts: 493
4/22/10 8:50 A

Wanted to add, sometimes I'll chop up b/s chicken breasts and then put them through my food processor to make ground chicken.

KRISTY1584 Posts: 187
4/22/10 8:48 A

Ground poultry is only better than ground beef when you're getting the white meat. Dark meat poultry has more calories and fat than 1lb of lean ground beef. Read the lables!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,971
4/22/10 8:44 A

Poultry may be better than beef, but...
not all ground poultry is created equal.

You really have to read the packaging, as some has high amounts of dark meat and can have as much fat as beef.

TKISNER Posts: 493
4/22/10 8:43 A

Actually, if you're using 93/7 ground beef the calories are about the same as the ground turkey. The numbers in the nutrition tracker are not for 93/7.

SLAPPYKIN Posts: 673
4/22/10 8:35 A

Ok first of all I disagree- poultry is WAY better than beef. I have slowly been making the switch (mainly because we have a ton of froze beef), and it's been great. type into the tracker 1lb of ground beef versus 1lb of ground turkey and you'll see the caloric difference. There is less fat in poultry and just as much, if not more, protein!

I personally like the perdue ground turkey. This can be very expensive, but if you belong to a warehouse club like sam's club or costco, you can get a great deal there. I just bought 5lbs of 93% lean ground turkey for $10...$2 a pound which is cheaper than the beef at the grocery store!!! I portioned it into 1lb bags and froze it. I will use it for everything from burgers, tacos, hamburger helper, to meatballs! There is way less grease and I don't feel as 'icky' after I eat it.

I'm sure there are articles out there you can google. I just think it tastes better and I know it's better for you. MAKE THE SWITCH!!!!

And it is ok to have beef but I am trying to stick with the turkey/chicken as much as possible.

4/22/10 8:02 A

I am confused about the calories and nutrition of ground beef or ground turkey or chicken. I have been replacing beef with poultry in things like spaghetti or tacos for my family. Recently a friend told me that it is just as bad and I should stick with beef. Is this true, and if it is not what percentage of poultry should I try to buy? I looked in the nutrition log but am not sure if the brand from my grocery store is all breast meat or not. It only gives a percentage of lean. Thanks for anyone who can enlighten me.

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