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6/17/14 8:22 A

thanks the print out will be handy

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6/16/14 2:50 P

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6/16/14 2:35 P

Thanks to all for the info. emoticon

it is hard to measure out food before i cook it. I am cooking for myself, my 6 kids and 3 more kids i babysit. So i really do not have time to measure out my food before i cook and cook it separately.

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6/16/14 1:34 P

8 ounces of 20% fat hamburger is a cup of meat, very slightly less than full. If yours is less fat, it might take less space.

6/16/14 11:36 A

Another visual for 3 ounces of meat:
--it is the size of a deck of cards

If you want the finished cooked product to be about 3 ounces, you may need to start with a portion just a little bigger, you will lose come weight with the cooking process.


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6/15/14 8:12 P

3 ounces of meat is about the size and thickness of your palm.

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6/15/14 8:05 P

the unscientific way would be to divide the whole thing into five roughly equal parts, which would be 1lb each. then you take each pound and divide it into 5 parts again. each of those will be about 3.2 oz.
the only item where weight and volume match [ie 8 oz being equal to 8 fl oz] is water. everything else depends on how much it weighs. so your 6 oz of chocolate is heavier because only 6 oz fits into the 8 fl oz space. 6 oz of popcorn is going to be quite a bit more than a single cup.

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6/15/14 7:18 P

I do not have a scale and have made a vary large(5 pounds) batch of ground beef for loose meat sandwiches. Dose anyone know how to measure 3 oz(weight) into a measuring cup.

i know 6 oz of chocolate chips is a round one cup. is it the same with ground beef and other solids that are portioned out by weight.

Or if you know how big it is compared to an ordinary house hold object

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