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1/7/10 11:22 P

2 things I've noticed. Sugar content and cost! I brew my own green tea at home :)

TATASTHA Posts: 2,103
1/7/10 9:33 P

I find the sugar levels one of the main things I find a difference in. With the pre-made stuff they put in the amount of sugar they think is good or they add a similar amount of non sugar sweeteners.(also not good for you) if you make your own you control the amount of sugar or other sweeteners that have been added to the tea.

1/7/10 7:17 P

Wow thanks guys! this was very helpful. Im going to try brewing my own tea! Thanks :)

1/4/10 7:30 P

Research has shown that many of the bottled teas contain very few antioxidants. If you are looking for the nutritional benefits...BREW YOUR OWN.
Dietitian Becky

JULIEN* Posts: 5,331
1/4/10 5:54 P

JELLAJIGGLES covered the big factors but another to consider is that once you brew tea, it starts to lose anti oxidants so you want to drink it within a few hours. Bottled stuff may have been brewed ages ago and is missing some of the good stuff you can get from fresh tea.

1/4/10 5:04 P

The bottled tea is always WAY more expensive. A box of tea is 1.79-3.49 with anywhere between 16-30 bags. A couple of bottles are about the same price! So there is a big difference, the other difference is that very often the bottled stuff has added sugar. Tasty but not so good for the diet. emoticon Happy tes drinking!

1/4/10 4:35 P

I was wondering, if there was a difference between brewed green tea, vs green tea in the jug or bottle? Obviously there are some, but do you get the same benefits from each?

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