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LARRYBROWN01 SparkPoints: (12)
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2/21/13 1:01 A

Very true saying. Green tea not only benefits people who look forward to weight loss, but also those who suffer from heart disease.
Green tea functions by increasing the metabolism of the body, which is also termed as thermo genesis. It helps to burn more calories.
It reduces the fat digestion process and it prevents the release of enzymes related to its digestion. The body, through a natural process, clears out the food that remains undigested.
Thanks for sharing.....

NICKY51 SparkPoints: (31,578)
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2/17/13 1:47 P

l drink green tea because its a lighter taste than black...

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/17/13 1:16 P

There are no studies supporting that, no.

If you're drinking green tea instead of HFCS laden Colas, great! You'll probably lose some weight. That's a good calorie swap.

But adding green tea to a diet already healthy won't make you lose any additional weight.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
2/17/13 10:29 A

for things like that [drinking ice water, eating spicy food, etc] that are true, they are true to such a small degree that you'll get more benefit out of a five minute walk than whatever that thing happens to be. if you like green tea [et al], by all means drink it and be happy with your little boost. but the difference it makes is so insignificant that spending any amount of time being more active is going to do more for you.

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2/17/13 10:05 A

Does drinking green tea help with weight loss? I have read that it boosts the metabolism.

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