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Contact your representatives and tell them you want country-of-origin labeling. American farmers really want it, too, but Congress won't pass it or fund it. (By the way, it's USDA that would monitor how foods are grown, not FDA.)

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2/5/14 12:01 P

Too much of green giant vegetables are grown in places that have little oversight to quality of the soil, fertilizer and pesticides. Be wary of what you buy.
I noticed that on the vegetable boxes after looking everywhere there is no info on Green Giant vegetables stating they are a PRODUCT OF (not distributed by) CHINA! CHINA uses people poop to feed the "farm raised" fish also, esp. tilapia .........Please buy PRODUCT OF USA - we have an FDA - China does not. Red Flag if they do not tell.
Why buy something supposedly healthy to find out the country of origin uses human wastes for fertilizing? This is disgusting and Sparkpeople should not support this.

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