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11/6/11 7:59 P

The Age of Entitlement will cause the earth to implode.

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11/5/11 9:13 P

Cutting whose income in half? Are private industries in Greece asking their workers to take a cut in pay? How is that supposed to help?

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11/5/11 11:34 A

they are cutting income in half and raising taxes again

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11/2/11 10:57 A

I'm interested on your take on this, since you live there. Why is Greece refusing the bailout from the EU, wanting to put it to a referendum?

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11/2/11 10:33 A

Greece is experiencing quite a few economic issues, but they are not alone. Except for Germany, ALL of Europe is having financial problems. Greece just happens to be most likely country to default first. Next would be Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Iceland.

How will this effect us ? Already has. The stock markets took a massive tumble because of the situation in Greece. Governments don't want Greece to default because that would be the first domino to fall in a whole line of dominos. Keep Greece stable for now and maybe the EURO will stabilize. No stabilized EURO means bigger problems coming.

What should you do ? There really isn't anything you can do. we all have to wait and see. The best thing would be to stash some money away in savings. Have a little something in case of emergency because you just never know.

I can understand that no one in Greece wants to deal with losing part of their jobs or pensions, but if those austerity programs aren't put into place, Greece will default. Germany, France and the European Union have proposed a massive bailout that will help Greece. So, why does the country seem to want to just default ? Everyone losses if Greece defaults.

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11/2/11 8:10 A

Hang in there. So sorry Greece is going through hard times.

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11/2/11 6:14 A

have you heard the news??????
about what greece is going through!!!
well it got me down,,,
don't feel like playing slots on facebook, or typing or doing house work or anything!!!!!!!!
i'm a greek that lives in greece
ok ...let's see how i can get out of this today....
bad bad bad * 1000000000000 times mood... emoticon

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