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9/28/12 3:00 P

Over the years I've found eating those deep fried things were just too hard on my stomach. So I've backed off of them for years. Even the over eating part has been something I have been doing quite well at for the past few years too. So now at the fair I tend to look for good foods that I may not eat at the house, but still won't tear me up. Those smoked turkey legs are great, and my wife and I usually split one.

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7/31/12 10:24 A

Had great time at county fair this week, decided to eat lunch before going, which made it a 400 calorie experience, not a 1200-2000 calorie experience, first time for me that I left feeling good, also had a blast riding attractions with my kids, had way more energy

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7/30/12 12:59 P

don't forget the deep fried funnel cakes sprinkled with powdered sugar. Man, I could get diabetes just looking at those.

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7/30/12 10:23 A

Our local county fair is ready to roll in a couple of weeks. An ad in the local newspaper touting the fair said that "great new foods, including "DEEP FRIED BUTTER" and "DEEP FRIED KOOL AID", will be available!

Also, the ad suggested that people reserve their rascal scooters in advance.

No need for a punch line, is there?

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