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5/2/14 5:30 P

Don't worry about it. No kid actually NEEDS candy. Tell him that candy and the calories in it were sabotaging you and you had to remove temptation. Be honest. He will understand. You can think of it as a teaching moment, tell him that candy isn't very nutritious.

YANKEEGIRL6 Posts: 1,183
5/2/14 4:46 P

I let my kids have free rein of the candy stash the first day. After that, I make it disappear. No one has ever missed it.

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5/2/14 4:28 P

I decrease the amount of candy I put in my childrens basket I put CD's and frisbees and jump ropes and slinkies and things they can get exercise with. They don't seem to mind not having a basket full of candy.

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4/30/14 8:56 A

You told him not to leave the candy! Don't feel guilty about doing what you said you would do!

4/27/14 9:36 P

I cut back drastically on candy this year. A couple favorites but everything else was lotion, egg shaped lip balm, swim suit, new beach towel and art supplies. I just cannot have candy in the house.

I wouldn't say anything to him about it and I'm sure he won't notice. If he did, I'd just remind him how he wasn't supposed to leave it.

XANDRA14 Posts: 13
4/27/14 2:40 P

Every day when I walk by my kid's Easter baskets (or stocking stash at Christmas or bucket at Halloween), I throw away a small handful. I do it gradually, and the kids just think they are eating it all. No one is the wiser, and I get it out of the house faster!

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4/25/14 5:41 P

My kids get one treat (or less) per weekend day, if they are behaving. So after this weekend, the majority of their Easter candy goes in the trash. Honestly, they haven't even asked for it. Stick to your guns, and DON'T buy replacement candy!

4/25/14 3:35 P

thank you...

EXNOLA Posts: 296
4/25/14 12:56 P

I almost always get rid of extra candy. They get WAY too much at Halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Easter. So, they get some, but I throw out or give away the rest. Often, I will sort it and put a bunch away for a while and throw it out later.
You told him it wouldn't be there, and now it isn't. That sounds fair to me.

4/24/14 8:27 A

My 10 year old son does not live with me, but he visits. He left some of his Easter candy at my house, and I told him several times that I did not want him to. I told him it may not be there when he comes next time.
FromSunday until Wednesday I was eating his candy, and going over my recomended calories, fat, carbs or a combination of the three. This morning I decided to give the candy away. I decided that when he comes I can get him ONE piece of candy like a chocolate bar for the weekend.
I feel guilty. If I were in his shoes i would be disapointed. Should I replace the candy, or is the one peice of candy rule fair?

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