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7/20/14 12:05 P

The best fitting swimsuits I have were ordered from here:

You should find your size and fit as they allow you to find by size and bra size.

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7/20/14 11:49 A

i have bought the same suit for last three is a two piece shorts and tank top,
it is very flattering for me, i get it from woman within.

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7/20/14 11:19 A

The good news is that they are likely to be on clearance soon! You could also try a two-piece suit. You can usually purchase the tops and bottoms in different sizes so each will fit, and there are tops that are longer so they still cover the belly.

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7/20/14 8:14 A

Wow KBOBO I see you've lost 74 lbs. Kudos to you!

You might try a sheath; they dimish the tummy area. Good luck and get shopping, summer clothes are rapidly disappearing from the stores and fall and winter is the look - in JULY.


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7/20/14 12:31 A

I didn't know where to post. I am wanting to begin swimming for exercise in hopes to ease by back and knee pain. My problem is finding a good suit. Problem is I wear an 18 ..all in the belly and flat chested. They usually are to loose in the chest. Any suggestions?

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