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I initially used the pre-generated meals as a guideline and inspiration for recipe ideas. My problem with them is that since they are computer generated, you can get some really weird (to me anyway) situations where it would have you eating 3 different types of whole grain bread in a single day. I'll just buy one loaf of bread this week, thank you. :)

But the idea is still the same: make healthy choices, watch your portions, and get a good ratio of carbs, protein, and *fat* in your diet each day. My big complaint with WW was that it a) cost money and b) didn't really teach me how to make choices to live a healthier life. SP does.

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1/21/14 7:41 A

goodmorning all. I have a quick question this fairly new here and ive been doing a lot of looking at the different diets ...does anyone just do the daily meals given on the sparkspage and have you lost weight on seems to me to be very much like ww and I really don't want to do a "diet" as such but something that I can do for life...I look forward to hearing from all

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