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ASTERIX1951 Posts: 37
3/14/13 5:01 P

Bright, sun shiny kind of day in southeast Michigan - spring smells like it is right around the corner, robins and other birds singing, snowdrops in bloom with daffodils and crocus about ready to pop. I can't wait to get outside and work in the yard and garden!! After my morning water aerobics though, five mornings a week!

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
3/14/13 3:32 A

Snow's pretty but ready for spring

3/13/13 7:05 P

Who about Good Evening, Kansas weather if nice today. Supper is about done, I set the oven on Time Bake. It is smelling good. emoticon

BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
3/7/13 4:39 P

In SE Arizona it is lovely... warm when I took my midday walk... but a storm front is coming in and we'll see some rain (in Arizona that's always welcome) and perhaps our fourth desert snow of the winter. Then sunny again next week. It's not boring, at least.

3/7/13 12:21 P

Good Morning, Here is Kansas it nice the high for today is 60 so they say.
Hope you have a song in your heart, and have wonderful day. emoticon

PQUARANTA SparkPoints: (341)
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Posts: 16
3/7/13 10:29 A

Good morning everyone hope you all have a great day. I live on the coast of OR and it as finally stopped raining and the sun is out. So for me its the best day ever. emoticon

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