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FAITHP44 Posts: 8,583
2/27/14 1:05 P

Hi Faylene and welcome.
I don't do diets either. If you track your food you'll soon find what foods work for you and which ones are dietary disasters. (My worst accidental disaster was when I bought some pork belly and managed to get about 60% of my calories from fat that day!) So I don't do diets, but I don't buy pork belly any more either.

I'm sure you'll succeed this time if you stick with it. xx

MAMMA04930 Posts: 70
2/27/14 8:51 A

thank you all so much was great advice and I really need it all thank you again I will keep on keeping on

JANNABANANA1964 SparkPoints: (1,450)
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Posts: 61
2/25/14 11:08 P

I am fairly new here too and am still adjusting to making changes. I don't do diets either but am consistently trying to make healthy life style changes. You've already received great advice on making small changes. And by what you did today, you're off to a great beginning!
Stick with it. Baby steps...and it will be so worth it.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/25/14 10:26 P


I don't do "diets", and (for me) I don't believe in them - I'm talking about the XXX diet or the YYY diet or the ZZZ diet that comes along every week.

I stay in my range of 1200-1500 per day (lower part of the range helps lose faster), don't eat processed food, or junk food, watch what sources I get my carbs from (veggies vs. white flour), watch my sugar and salt intake a bit - and generally eat a lot of good tasting, healthy food!

Do you track your calories, fats and carbs yet? If not, you really, really ought to think about it - it's the best way to do it:

Anyway, if you have nutrition/food questions - come to the Diet/Nutrition thread. If you are panicking, hit the Panic Button. The great thing about SP is that there is always someone to talk to, someone to motivate you, someone to help you :)

Hope to see you around more!!

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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2/25/14 10:26 P

I knew someone was watching! LOL. Welcome.

Actually what you did today was good. It was easy and doable and you succeeded.

You don't need a fancy diet plan, especially when you are starting off. Do some easy things.
For example, if you drink soda, wean yourself off. At 200 calories a can it adds up, fast.
Once you have quit drinking soda for a few weeks then do something else like stop fast food breakfasts, or fast food lunches. Make your own healthy versions.
Small changes that you let become habit before making another change is doable and sustainable.

Don't try to change everything. You will not be perfect, you will have good days and bad days but you can be healthier. This is a journey, not a sprint!

MAMMA04930 Posts: 70
2/25/14 9:51 P

well im knew here but hope to make friends fast...I need to lose over 100 and have lots against 56 ..Im only 5ft tall and I weigh 227 so here am...ive been lurking a lot so I know how great this site is ...right now im not sure what diet to use because ive tried them all over the yrs so for today I simply tried to drink my water ...exercise and not eat junk food and I did all three but I know this is not the way to lose so im hoping to meet lots of new friends who can encourage and teach me how to do this...I have 4 grandbabies I need to see growup

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