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3/8/13 2:32 P

I've had the same problem. I looked up the menu to my favorite restaurant and selected healthy items...instead of a wet burrito I got white chili & a side salad. Just the fact that you are conscience about the fact that you are going to lunch and want to have a game plan is a good starting may keep you from over eating.

QUERIDAANA Posts: 1,287
3/8/13 2:20 P

Great suggestion to check out the menu before hand and plan on taking half of the meal home to eat another day.

If they have something grilled eat one portion of that with a side of green vegetables or a green salad. Skip dessert or have a fruit cup. Skip alcohol in favor for water or unsweetened ice tea.

It's about the company, not the food frenzy.

KCDEEE Posts: 2,267
3/8/13 1:51 P

I agree.... Whenever friends and I go for lunch/dinner we always check the Menus and Nutritional Info for different places... If this doesn't work for you just don't eat what you know to be BAD ie. fried,sauces and CREAMY....... emoticon
Let me add... Losing the weight doesn't have a time limit... ... We all have to live and if something didn't work for lunch..NO BIG DEAL.. just go back to your weight loss plan for dinner.....If you continue like this Life is good and weight loss isn't so bad.. You didn't gain in 3 months and you won't lose it in 3..........Have a great Time emoticon

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3/8/13 11:54 A

Oh my gosh - how FUN! Lucky YOU!

Hmm..don't know where you are, but maybe start w/ looking at the restaurants that you may likely go to based on proximity. Access their menus on-line and see what you can plan out.
How about a turkey burger? Maybe less or no mayo and skip one of the buns (or not!). If there's a Lazy Dog Café around you, they do an outstanding turkey burger on a honey wheat bun.

Or an ahi tuna appetizer as lunch w/ a salad and shared dessert?

One thing I love about Sparks: it's about moderation, not deprivation. Maybe just eat like you normally would have for breakfast & dinner, then get what appeals to you at lunch. You can always eat half for lunch and take half home for tomorrow if the serving is big.

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself as this is part of what life is: enjoying a meal out w/ a good friend!

Remember, this is only one meal out of thousands in your lifetime. Use this time to show yourself you can incorporate normal living into your new lifestyle. No starving yourself pre or post lunch. Just go out and enjoy.


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3/8/13 11:22 A

Going out to lunch with a friend this afternoon - can't think of where to go out what to eat that won't destroy my eating for the day! Help! Suggestions please!!

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