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1HORST Posts: 56
2/9/12 8:58 P

Thanks for the tips.

This does not happen often :-)
However I been stuck at 174.8 lbs for a long time now,
and can't seem to get rid of the other 10 lbs that I would like to.

I am eating same as before no change no cheating.

Any Ideas what that may be?
Thanks again. emoticon

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2/9/12 5:08 P

As long as these events are not that often, I don't think you need to worry too much.

I generally try to go by cup sizes (eg. thats about a cup of rice, a cup of chopped beef, half a cup of vege, it will be cooked in oil or butter so guess 1 tbsp (restaurants always use more than you do at home, since it tastes better), etc etc)

It wont be accurate, but because its not all the time, I think you just do your best, and move on.

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2/9/12 9:51 A

What you could do is check out the recipes section for a similar item. Say you ate enchiladas. Look up the calorie count for a serving of enchiladas and use that as an estimate. Unless you happen to weigh every single food item you eat, you're taking an educated guess at how many calories you're eating.

So, don't worry too much if you're not exact. Make your best guestimate.

1HORST Posts: 56
2/8/12 9:42 P

We went for birthday and retirement dinner today. Is there any way to just add a total guesstimate for that meal into my tracker?

No way I can itemize and be accurate from a diner place.

How do you add your special meals?
Thanks for any suggestions.

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