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12/18/13 6:58 P

I have changed medications as my doctor thinks I need to be on some kind of med (and right now I agree). I did start working out and hopefully losing weight will help my mood. I know that it is a big part of the reason why I am so unhappy. Thanks all!! emoticon

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12/3/13 8:23 A

I took Prozac for 14 yrs, as I had depression start at 45 when I was peri-menopause. It just made me feel normal and not like I was down in a hole. I don't need it anymore, but it did help me when I gook it.

Happy Holidays.

12/2/13 7:51 P

I am in the process of going off of Depression Medication right now! I have been tapering my medication scince June of 2013. It is a slow process. I always go on medication after my babies are born, then wean off of it after while. I have done research on getting off of medication, and had success getting off of Zoloft 3x before this (I went on it after baby was born, then weaned off) so it CAN be done!

These are important things I have found

1. Losing wieght helps get off of medication. Losing wieght improves mood and also keeps blood sugar levels much lower improving how our mental status is! THIS IS A BIG ONE

2. Taper-ing must be done slowly. VERY SLOWLY. For instance, change the amount every 4 weeks, no more often

3. Taking Pure or nearly Pure dEPA acid fish oil helps ALOT! There are several brands of EPA out there. I use 6 capsules PlusEPA, but Omega 3 Mood and Omega Joy are other options! doing this before, during and after the Taper is very important

4. Take a high potency multivitamin with lots of B vitamins and Selenium and lots of Magnesium in it. I take a 6 a day prenatal vitamin. Again, before during and after the taper

5. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! Exercise in its self doe improve Mood, even better than medication proven in studies. Its important to do it regularly and do enough to get your heart rate up there for a little while!

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12/2/13 10:12 A

Hi everyone!!! I have been on various depression medication for years, and the last change was about 3 months ago. Looking back, I have gained 15 pounds in 3 months!!!!!! I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday and am going to see if I can try going off my med to see if it helps with weight loss. As I know weight gain and my body image is part of my depression, I would like to see if this would help.

Has anyone else gone off of depression medication? If so, how have your results been?

Does anyone use vitamin B for mood? I have and it does the trick, unsure if it will be able to take the place of my med though. We will see!

Have a great day!

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