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Gluten is a protein. It's common in wheat and other grains. Some people are allergic to it and can have serious intestinal problems if they eat it.

But it has also become trendy to "go gluten-free" as a weight loss method. It works for some people because a huge number of foods have gluten, so if you decide not to eat it, you eliminate a lot of calories. It's like saying you can't eat any food with the letter "e" in its name-- it's not that the "e" is bad for you, it's just that it makes you have to stop and think and plan before you eat anything.

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2/17/13 2:40 P

wish i could help

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2/17/13 2:04 P

what is gluten exactly?

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2/17/13 12:51 P

In fact, if you are diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, NEVER rely on meal plans made by anyone except a medical professional who lives in exactly the same place you live. Products that are gluten-free in one place often are not gluten-free in other places, because the companies that make them buy their ingredients from different sources. A national website can't produce safe gluten-free menu plans, because they have no way of knowing what gluten-free foods are available where you live.

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Welcome to SparkPeople. At this time, gluten free meal plans are not available. That being said, you are welcome to turn the meal plans off and simply track your own daily food/beverage choices.

Be well,

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How do I add gluten free to my Spark diet plan online??

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