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4/15/14 11:27 A

Traders Joe carries a really nice GF bread... UDI. Other supermarkets spmetimes also have it in the frozen section: it is excellent toasted, with cheese - good enough even for the gluten tolerant folks. Also to be noted that the same bread, toasted and dried, makes fab GF bread crumbs.

... And at costco there is a super-seeded gluten free, almost like cake! Great breakfast alternative.

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4/15/14 9:24 A

Thank you for sharing the Cappellos link. I will be trying the LC pasta.

4/15/14 8:51 A

A cheese tray sounds very nice. Maybe a little smoked salmon alongside, maybe some nice olives? An antipasti course like that could make a good dinner with some fresh fruit, maybe with bread for those who want it. I think that sounds great.

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4/15/14 8:39 A

A suggestion: what about serving cheese without crackers? I like to serve a nice meat and cheese tray and a veggie tray.

4/14/14 12:50 P

Thanks. :) My brownie recipe only calls for 1/4 c. flour so I can't imagine almond flour wouldn't work, and maybe even be an improvement in taste.

4/14/14 10:43 A

I would just sub ground almonds for the wheat flour in your brownies. The texture will be moist but it's a brownie it's supposed to be moist.

A lot of GF recipes are more complicated than they need to be. Most regular baking recipes (with the exception of breads/buns) I can sub 1/2 brown rice flour, 1/2 ground almonds for the flour and get a great baked item without all the added gums a lot GF recipes call for. Often I add some psyllium husk to help hold things together but you don't need that in brownies.

Happy baking :)

4/14/14 8:28 A

Good idea, thank you! There are so many thousands of GF recipes out there and I have no idea which ones are good, so I appreciate the endorsement.

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4/14/14 8:21 A

Baking gluten free can be pretty interesting because gluten is a huge part of what gives baked goods their texture. I have a friend who is GF and it has taken her *years* to figure out the best GF flour mix for her tastes. Rather than trying to adapt a recipe of yours to being GF, maybe try finding something similar that has been tried and tested. There's a fantastic GF double chocolate chip cookie recipe floating around on the internet right now.

I've made these and they're better than a lot of the cookie recipes I've tried over the years.

4/13/14 8:56 P

Thank you JERF. I would like to make a batch of brownies or something like that. Does the ground almond replace wheat flour? I have an excellent brownie recipe; if I could use almond flour instead of wheat flour it might work.

4/13/14 5:54 P

I love the idea of roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables. That sounds like an awesome dinner. Combined with a fruit crumble for dessert, it's the perfect meal IMO.

Taco salad or grilled chicken salad would be great for lunch or a big pot of chilli. What about brownies (made with ground almonds) for dessert.

For dipping Mary's Crackers are really good and a lot of corn tortillas are certified GF. Veggies and fruit are great for snacking on too.

I can think of lots of Indian recipes that are GF. Butter chicken being my first thought and favourite.

4/13/14 12:43 P

NIRERIN, I like the idea of a fruit baked with a nut crumble for a dessert. I'm going off my diet for a few days for this little vacation, and I know I personally would love that. Lentils are a good idea too. My friend was married to an Indian man for awhile and loves all things lentil, spicy, curry, etc. I also really like the idea of a nachos and/or taco salad dinner. That would be easy and I don't know of anyone who doesn't like taco salad or nachos.

4/13/14 12:37 P

Another question: any suggestions on good brands of gluten-free crackers or pita chips or the like? Something that goes with cheese, hummus, olives, etc.? For happy hour or light lunches.

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4/13/14 12:33 P

i'm awful at planning menus that go together. but when i hear needing to accommodate gluten free i think a shrimp dish with zucchini sliced up like pasta noodles. you can pretty much skew it to whatever flavor you want. first course could be a fruit and cheese plate or crustless quiche. dessert could be some sort of fruit in the oven dish [fruit poached in booze or fruit baked with a nut crumble topping].
shepard's pie made with lentils or chicken pot pie topped with mashed potatoes would be something simple to have the basic recipe for and then just get whatever looks good at the store that day. most curries would also fall into this category, though some people aren't so fond of those.
for a snackier dinner what about nachos? corn chips [or corn tortillas you bake], beans, cheese, avocado, tomatoes, onions, and peppers would be okay for everyone. you could have an additional chicken option or it would be easy to have beef for those that want it without your friend having to have it.
another option might be stuffed things. think stuffed peppers or zucchini or eggplant. or stuffed mushrooms. and a simple chicken or fish prep would go well as a main protein if you didn't want to go all veg. you could even do a crab salad in a tomato.
packet fish seems easy too. it's vegetables, fish and spices. it can be a lot easier to work with a recipe that doesn't have what you want to avoid in the first place. that way, when you're making what's good and in the store now buying decisions, you're not double subbing for the first time, which is where recipes start to go wrong.

4/13/14 12:33 P

Thank you very much for these suggestions! Fruits and vegetables are no problem, of course, and I know meats are gluten free.

I really appreciate the ideas on the pasta and the wraps. I really like to cook and I like to bake, and some of my best, simple recipes are no-go's because of the flour, but I might be able to get around that.

I was thinking of roasting a chicken with some red potatoes and vegetables. I don't want to do anything too fussy because I have to tote all the food in coolers and fix food in a kitchen that may be iffy on supplies. So simple is good. The place we're renting has a grill, but the last time we rented a place with a grill, we went outside and checked it out and it was so dirty and full of spiders, we bagged that idea.

No one is going to be upset if I don't bring perfect foods. It's a good thing wine is gluten-free. :) I just want to make a relaxing, simple meal that is tasty and is accessible to all.

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4/13/14 11:54 A

Anything that can be eaten unprocessed is gluten free.

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4/13/14 10:27 A

We aren't specifically "gluten-free"... although we're on a prescribed LC diet, which tends strongly in that direction.

I've found a great pasta alternative from a company called "Cappello's".
Their website is

They make almond flour pastas in fettucine, lasagna, and gnocchi forms. It's very good (I can't tell the difference from wheat pastas). It is a bit pricey - similar to the refrigerated pastas you can get in groceries. But it satisfies my husband's cravings for pasta. We have a refrigerator full of lasagna right now! If your friend isn't keen on beef or heavier proteins, she might like chicken/turkey lasagna. Lots of wonderful drippy cheeses in there, too! mmmmm

Another non-wheat product I like a lot are coconut wraps.
You can get those from Pure Wraps

or Julian Bakery. I prefer the first source, since I have some honesty issues with Julian, and also because PureWraps makes theirs in curry or original flavor, while Julian just has the plain. Both are good, though. They do NOT taste coconutty! You can smell it a bit in the package, but that's it. They're very thin - like a spring roll wrapper (not as thick as egg roll or wonton wraps), and they're sturdy. I've used them for both cold and hot wraps, microwaved them with fillings in them (taco filling, BBQ, sausages, breakfast combinations), and I've also filled them up with berries or fruit and whipped topping for desserts. Someone asked about how they hold up to grilling, as in grilled sandwiches... and I don't know, I haven't tried. But it might be an option. I get mine online, since I've never been able to find any in any kind of store.

Otherwise, I'd focus on just good, whole, *real* food. Does she like seafood? You can get boxed scampi (I get mine from Sam's™) that's so amazingly simple it's ridiculous: the shrimp come with the scampi sauce already coated on them. You just toss 'em in the pan for a few moments. How 'bout that over some Cappello's™ fettucine noodles?!
Or make a pan of baked chicken. I have a recipe that's really simple and we love.
Quiches aren't too difficult, and you can put all kinds of stuff in them.
Or grill something. I love kebabs! You can get some nice chunky meats and lots of veggies on those. Pretty simple, too.
Maybe a big salad - just get the ingredients and put them out buffet-style and let everyone build their own to their own tastes.
Or you could simply do as she suggested: don't do a special meal, just let her manage as she pleases.

It sounds like you have a nice visit planned. I hope you'll come back and let us know what you decided and how it worked out!


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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,218
4/13/14 10:22 A

I am going to send you a list of gluten free foods

Van's has gluten free with ricotta and fresh peach slices

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,805
4/13/14 9:46 A

" If I ask her what I should buy she'll say "Oh don't worry about me, I'll just work around it and eat what I can. ""

When I say that, I truly mean it.'
Maybe she does too...

4/13/14 8:45 A

I get together with four dear old friends from college every year. It's my turn to hostess the event this year and we're renting a vacation home where we'll be eating out a fair amount of time, but I'll be planning breakfast, light lunches and snacks, and one dinner. One of my friends is eating gluten-free because of a thyroid condition that is aggravated by eating gluten. She will probably bring a few food items with her like her favorite gluten-free bread, but not a lot. If I ask her what I should buy she'll say "Oh don't worry about me, I'll just work around it and eat what I can. " But I want to bring foods she can enjoy with the rest of us. Also, she's not a vegetarian but avoids beef and pork. Any suggestions?

Breakfast isn't too hard. We usually do scrambled eggs with veggies, fresh fruit, and toast and peanut butter, with her having her own special bread. What about the dinner though?

I should add that I know I can look for foods that say "gluten-free" on the label. But when I'm shopping with her, that doesn't seem to be sufficient. She reads labels very, very carefully. She prefers to buy uber-organic, sustainably-harvested, non GMO, everything. And then she won't buy it if it's too expensive for the amount you get. I was with her once when she bought one box of tea. It took half an hour. She's very friendly and won't hold it against me if I buy something that doesn't meet all the criteria, but..... I'm curious what others think.

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