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1/4/11 2:01 P

Getting serious means
+ setting a clear, reachable BOLD goal (with a time line)
+ setting milestone goals to keep me moving foward
+ IMPLEMENTING strategies to reach the goals
+ celebrating along the way
+ finding positive, encouraging 'travel' companions who will hold me accountable lovingly

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1/2/11 6:42 P

Getting serious for me means looking in the mirror and disliking what I see. Do I want to change or am I content where I'm at? What am I willing to do to change my circumstances? I didn't become obese overnight, and sure won't lose it overnight. Am I willing to do the work necessary to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle?

Hard Questions? Maybe! But if I am serious, I have to be willing to answer and do the work. Let's go 2011!!! emoticon

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1/1/11 4:30 P

You are 100 per cent correct. I am getting serious by not lying to myself anymore. I intend to work hard, and not just tell myself I'm working hard.

1/1/11 3:06 P

Now is the best time to get serious about weight loss and fitness. So, what does getting serious mean to you? For me it means spending as much time focusing on my goals as I do watching tv. After a day of work as a school counselor, I usually zone out for two hours watching tV. Then I get out of my chair feeling stiff and sore and go to bed. I need to break this pattern and establish a new one. Time to get serious.

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