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12/18/12 6:09 P

What they said! If you are craving carbs all the time, it may be that you are eating too much sugar. Eliminate sugar and other carbs, you will find you don't crave munchies.

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12/18/12 3:14 P

I agree with the advice to go low carb to reduce bloating and water weight and look amazing in your dress. As for what you SHOULD eat, now that you're not eating pasta, bread, crackers, cookies, rice, etc., I have great news. You get to eat all the fresh vegetables (except corn and potatoes) you want, you get to eat wonderful, flavorful cuts of meat and fish (pork chops with a chipotle spice rub? chicken marinated with a little hummus and oregano? salmon with a spicy citrus glaze? yes please! just make sure you grill or bake instead of frying), you get to eat eggs, plain yogurt and cheese in moderation. Enjoy!

12/18/12 1:13 P

Eggs are good fried too -- I cook them in a pan with some cooking spray for a couple of minutes. That seems to sit better than hard boiled!

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12/18/12 1:01 P

Congrats on your upcoming marriage, BABYXJAYHAWK!!!

Instead of hard boiled eggs, how about egg-white scramble or omelet? The yolks tend to upset my stomach, but the whites seem to be okay.

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12/18/12 12:36 P

I used to eat hard boiled eggs every morning for breakfast because I love them and they do help keep me full, but lately eggs have started making my stomach very upset for hours after I eat them, so I've been trying to avoid them. I can't find anything that keeps me full for very long.

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12/18/12 12:34 P

lol I know that's why I'm looking for carb replacements. I keep reading about what NOT to eat but not what I SHOULD eat.

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12/18/12 11:37 A

C'mon, it's 2 weeks, and it's your wedding. You CAN give up carbs for 2 weeks. It's not like it's forever. I think using meal replacement shakes etc will be even worse... you'll be hungry all the time.

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12/18/12 11:15 A

Thanks for the advice! I am going to be trying my best to stay low-carb. Carbs are my weakness... and I know that. Especially since I started the birth control, I have the munchies ALL the time. It sucks! I was thinking about using meal replacement shakes/bars just for the next week or two to help me with portion control. I realize that is a short term solution, but that's what I need for now...

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12/18/12 11:10 A

Congrats on your wedding!

Now, this is not advice I normally give, but if you want to lose a few pounds very quickly, go very low carb. It should work to drop the weight fast, at least temporarily. Now, once you start eating normally again you'll probably gain most if not all of it back, but this is a once in a lifetime thing so you want to look your best :) Also keep your sodium intake very low, and do not drink any alcohol if possible in the next 2 weeks, those will reduce bloat.

My senior year of high school (which was almost 13 years ago LOL), I bought my prom dress in like February, then proceeded to gain like 10lbs in the next few months. I had developed a habit of going to get bagels and cream cheese with my BFF. Anyway, 3 or so weeks before prom in May, I tried on my dress and it wouldn't fit. So, I did the low low carb diet, and, lost like 10lbs and fit into the dress. I'm sure I gained it back afterwards, but I looked good that night in the dress :)

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12/18/12 10:47 A

I am getting married on new year's eve... less than 2 weeks away!!! I have read a lot about what not to eat right before the wedding (beans, starches, etc...) but not a lot about what I SHOULD eat. Suggestions??

I started on birth control about 3-4 months ago and I have gained like 10-12 lbs since then, so my dress still fits but is a little snug... I just want to eliminate bloating as much as possible and lose a pound or two in the next two weeks if possible! I am a stress eater so that is not helping...

Tips/suggestions?? Thanks!! :)

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