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GINA10600 Posts: 4
1/9/09 8:43 P

Hey everyone I am getting married March 27, 2009. I went to a nutritionist for some help. He gave me a serious diet plan, its torture but it works. He also gave me diets pills to take to boost the weight loss. Realistically, I only need to lose about 10 lbs, but I would like to lose 25 :) We'll see how it goes, but if anyone wants the diet send me a message and i'd be happy to send it to you. Good luck ladiess

JILIMY SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 68
12/18/08 4:20 P

I'm getting married March 09 too! It's coming up very soon. Congrats to all and good luck on your journeys!

JWAGMAN1 Posts: 1
12/18/08 8:57 A

I am also getting married in March of 09!! 80 days and I am nervous about staying on track! How do you do this without being over-obsessed??

KASSALA2802 Posts: 2
12/18/08 5:20 A

Hi, Im getting married in march 09 as well and i dont know when to start. We decided last night only to bring the date closer and I need to lose aroung 15lbs. I think Im just going to hit the gym and workout around 5 days a week and also restrict may calorie intake. Hope it works and good luck to you!

RUBELLA Posts: 860
12/17/08 3:28 P

Hi Brandi looks like you are in the right place! I joined sparkpeople originally to lose weight for my wedding and lost about 20 pounds! Just hang in there and don't get discouraged and you will look and feel healthier on your wedding day too.

And congratulations!

STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
12/8/08 1:04 P

hi brandi thought that id help u out. even though i am getting married a month after you! do alot of cardio. if u have a gym near you. eliptical machine works and the tredmill. or if you have the wii fit that helps you out. or there are alot of workout dvds out there that can hep u.

BRANDI_92602 Posts: 31
12/6/08 5:12 P

Hey all my name is Brandi and I am getting married in March 09. I am totally stressing out about the whole "How am I going to look in a dress" thing. I know I only have 3 months but any advice anyone can throw out to me....i would appreciate it!!! Have a great day!

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