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LUANN_IN_PA SparkPoints: (154,551)
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4/22/14 9:10 A

" I am not feeling any energy after I am done. It doesn't energize me.."

Well, then, you are doing it right!
When I am done spinning, I am TIRED, very tired. I worked hard for that hour.

4/22/14 8:25 A

I find that boredom is the death of exercise. I listen to songs on my i-pod while I exercise, and if I don't change them around and find new music periodically, it starts to feel like I'm watching the clock, ticking off the moments until I can stop. I would suggest taking a break from the bicycle and maybe walking or doing some other kind of exercise.

Like others have noted, there is a certain amount of forcing yourself to go on to reap the future benefits. But if you're flat-out bored and discouraged, that's not good. It's not a crime to take a rest day or two and find something else that interests you.

MLAN613 Posts: 14,399
4/22/14 7:48 A

You have gotten a lot of great support. I did glance at your nutrition tracker for the last 6 days and it looks like you have been tracking very sporadically. There were a couple days when you appeared to track more fully but your total calories were under 1000.

Um, no wonder you feel sluggish! You're hardly eating enough, unless of course you are failing to track each and every bite. The minimum calories your should be eating in the Spark world is 1200. And that's if you're completely sedentary. Add in some intended exercise and you need some more food. Food provides calories. Calories give your body energy.

I encourage you to start eating more. It will help.

PJNSGRL78 Posts: 306
4/22/14 12:39 A

Hi Kathy... have you felt this way from day one of the exercise bike or is this recent? If you've been feeling it since day one maybe this isn't the exercise for you and you should try something different. IF it has been recent, really the same thing, it might might be time to spice things up. Try a different exercise or try some upbeat music.

WAYCAT Posts: 992
4/21/14 11:44 P

KATHY, it's very common to go through times where exercise feels more like a chore rather than something we do because we enjoy it. It can be quite demoralising to go through phases like this, but it's also a common feeling.

I have some days when I struggle through my warm up and the early part of my workout, but after a time I get settled in and feel as if I'm actually going to enjoy it and make some progress.

Other times, I get stuck in straight away and at the end I think "Yes, I was really up for that today!"

Some days, when I'm finished, I shower and get home from the gym feeling as if I could take on the world.

Other days it takes me all my effort just to get showered! Then, when I get home and think of all the other chores and jobs I have to do that day, it's almost as if there's a mountain in front of that I somehow have to climb.

I guess what I'm saying is keep at it - good days, bad days, we all have them, but in the end it's consistency that counts - and of course enjoying your workouts too!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,125
4/21/14 6:01 P

idk if I'd say I feel "energized" after a workout. More like, relieved and oh so very happy it's over, while the sweat's dripping off my hair and face. Maybe mentally/ psychologically "bouyed up" a bit (pleased and proud of myself) because basically I'm a slug at heart, and for me to do *anything* gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Even if I'm physically dead dog tired and want nothing more than a shower and to sit down for a while. I guess I could say mostly I feel like, thank God that's over.

GARRIE1 Posts: 558
4/21/14 5:32 P

I feel the same way, sometimes, Kathy. But here's the deal...I would feel WORSE if I didn't ride my bike (road bike-outdoors). The "energized" feeling I get is mostly psychological. Some days, after a particularly hard work out - gym or bike - I feel like I've been hit by a bus, and "energized" is the LAST thing I feel, but I keep going. I mean, you gotta keep going, because if you stop, it just destroys your psyche. It sucks to keep stopping and starting.

Rest for a day or two, then keep going. If you think you're just plain bored with bicycling, change your routine. Change it every day, if you have to. Sometimes we just get bored. You don't have to spend a penny to stay fit. SparkPeople is a good source of fitness and nutrition advise, but so is your own doctor.

Good luck!

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (149,060)
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4/21/14 4:40 P

are you taking rest days? are you getting enough sleep? are you eating quality food and in the proper amounts? these factors can all affect energy level.

Honestly, I can't say that I always feel energized after a workout..try running 10 miles before 7 am after getting 5 hours're NOT going to be energized! it's more like you have more energy at other times than IMMEDIATELY afterwards.

KATHYJUDDS SparkPoints: (1,554)
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4/21/14 4:22 P

I am starting to get discouraged. I have been exercising on my exercise bike since end of February...almost everyday. I am not feeling any energy after I am done. It doesn't energize me...not sure why but it is getting me discouraged. Any suggestions Thanks !

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