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4/16/13 9:53 P

It is so tough, because the kids just always come first, don't they? Whether I am trying to find a little time for myself during the day or trying to do crunches with at least one child sitting on some part of my body, it is a constant juggle. But I am already giving you huge credit. Before I lost my job I couldn't seem to carve out 5 minutes of the day for myself, let alone 15 or an unbelievable 30! Well done you for doing as well as you are. Keep trying!

4/16/13 8:43 P

Between my kids, my job and life, I am seeing my healthy week evaporate. I usually work 7-4, then go to the gym until 6 and pick up the kid and go home and make a menu that I have preplanned and tracked. except: yesterday, I had to work till 5. The youngest kid track gets over at 4:30, the second kid gets over at 6. So I skipped the gym yesterday and picked everybody up. Today, second kid has a doctors appointment, so I had to skip the gym. Get home, and no body wants the preplanned meal, but opt to cook their own red meat dinner. So, I'm thinking of switching my hours to 9-6, and going to the gym at 7AM. This way I would get my workout in, before the kids can derail it.

How else do people manage kids, work out, and a job?

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