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AUBREYGR Posts: 466
4/14/11 1:23 P

I work for the lab of a city water department. We are required to do a ton of testing and usually do even more. From bacteria to water quality parameters to metals to organics and radiation - we have tested for it. We have to send every customer an annual report on our water quality so you know just what is in it. If there is a violation we have to inform the public. Tap water is regulated by the EPA with tough regulations. Bottled water is not - it is regulated like food. You jus have to turn on the news and see people sick from eggs or beef to know how stringent our food regs are.

ANARIE Posts: 13,175
4/14/11 1:02 P

I don't think bottled water is dangerous or anything, because the bottlers know they'll go broke if someone gets sick. Most water-borne illnesses are pretty easy to track back to the source. But I've always known that tap water is safer, unless you live in a city with really loose testing and regulation.

I went to graduate school in New Orleans, which has always had trouble with water (and with that whole idea of enforcing any sort of rule or regulation.) At one point, my roommates and I decided to buy bottled water to drink. We'd been paying our hard-earned money (starving students) for about six weeks when one of us looked closely at the bottles and discovered it came from.... You guessed it! The New Orleans and/or Houston municipal water system. If there's anyplace with worse water than New Orleans, it would probably be Houston. So we stopped paying extra for the same tap water.

REKMOM Posts: 1,086
4/14/11 12:32 P

What, are you kidding me!

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4/14/11 12:31 P

Wow, didn't realize that about bottled water. emoticon

KENMAC116 Posts: 3,016
4/14/11 8:13 A

I only drink bottled water when I am away from home and I look to see where it came from.

MARVEEME Posts: 6,051
4/14/11 8:05 A

I am fortunate to have the best tasting (and regularly tested) well water. I occasionally buy bottled water, but only to replace very worn out water bottles that I bleach and re-use filling them with my free well water.

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4/14/11 7:57 A

I'm an environmental engineer, specializing in water treatment. Any water from a municipal tap is perfectly safe to drink. Thats what regulations are for. In my opinion, bottled water is a scam. Do I sometimes buy it? Yes. But I have Nalgene bottles that I glue to my hip, haha. I'm not sure about the regulations on bottled water, but most companies take municipal tap water and just change the mineral content, which changes taste. There is no health benefit. I have been drinking tap for years and trust it more than bottled.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
4/14/11 6:58 A

I drink straight from the tap. It hasn't killed me yet.

4/14/11 12:22 A

Read article said the government requires our tap

water to be free of any amounts of bacteria from

fecus, and also certain chemicals. Article said

bottled water does NOT have to meet this requirement.

Tested lots of it is really full of germs.

Most bottled water article said is just

tap water from a local source even altho it may

say from far away.

ANy one think all this is true?

What do you use?

bottled or from your fridge in washable drink bottles or pitcher you sit on sink to filter water?
or hook to faucet?

wondering now altho i do not buy bottled water

i know some who do and surely they are not drinking

poopie to be blunt. Or are they?

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