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3/28/13 11:50 P

Yes and no.

For example, my mother is one of 6 children, all growing up in the same household. Mama and Papa were both obese.

Of the 6, four are obese, and 2 are very slender.

The slender ones grew up in the same lifestyle, inheriting the same viewpoints on food as their siblings.

Most likely, either they simply gravitated towards a healthier lifestyle as adults (as we do - some people like golf, others like horses, and some like motorsport, etc), or else there's a genetic component to all 6 kids' weights, with the genetic tendency towards obesity obviously being dominant, but a genetic tendency towards slenderness not exactly being non-existent.

I'm gonna lean on genetics a little here, much as I said lifestyle trumps it earlier, in that my mother was one of the obese. Nana was obese, mother is obese, I am obese. I do believe that I find it much harder to lose weight and stay a healthy weight than certain other relatives who do not have such a genetic tendency.

So basically, lifestyle will always trump a genetic "tendency". But for some people it's easier to maintain that lifestyle than for other people.

Deb, in New Zealand
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Working out helps, but it won't cause you to lose weight. No matter how many pushups you do, it won't give you slim arms and it won't make you lose weight.

You can't just "eat healthy", you have to eat at a calorie deficit!

While genetics can play a role in HOW you react to eating too much, fat distribution, etc, it really doesn't determine if you are going to be fat or not. That's usually about your lifestyle. Now, some people have an easier time of it than others (I've always been naturally thin, and even at my heaviest, didn't look as heavy as some people of the same weight) but that doesn't mean you are destined to be fat because your family is.

In your family's case, I'm going to bet that the thing that was inherited that's causing everyone to be fat is lifestyle. If you grow up living an unhealthy lifestyle, you're more likely to be obese as an adult. If you grow up with a healthy lifestyle, you're less likely to be obese as an adult.

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3/28/13 7:46 P

From what I learned working in a gym, genetics play a major role in body building, but if you are prone to over weightness, this can be controlled by a life style change. Just because one of a family is fat does not mean everyone has to be fat emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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3/28/13 7:27 P

My siblings are all apple-shaped; that is genetics. 3 of 5 are obese and I work at it so as not to be. I think mostly we are hampered by learned food habits and attitudes toward food. I agree no one has to be obese. Hang in there even if weight les is slow emoticon


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3/28/13 7:18 P

Genetics plays a role, but how much of a role it plays can differ per individual.

Lifestyle always trumps genetics though. If you don't want to be obese, there's no reason you should be.

Deb, in New Zealand
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3/28/13 6:02 P

How mush does genetics play in weight loss? My whole family is either big or obese. And then you got me who works out four days a week and morning warm-ups (push-ups, squats, resistance band exercises, standing crunches). I'm only 21 and DO NOT want to become obese so I'm trying hard to loss weight and keep it off but it's just not really working =( and I eat enough and healthy foods....

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