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I could write a book about this!! I lost 100 lbs and it destroyed my gallbladder. After I got really sick from it and until well after the surgery was over, I put back on a lot of weight and then had to turn around and lose it again. I expected it to be like it was the first time.... nope! Not even close. For some of us, losing weight after gallbladder removal is very, very different. For me, it has been an exercise in patience.

I CAN lose weight. I can't lose weight at the "normal" rate anymore. It takes twice as long with twice as much effort. I have to be so much more consistent. No little slip-ups get by anymore. It's not a "I need to lose 10 lbs this month" proposition anymore. It's more like a second full-time job just to lose 3 lbs in a month. But, it's still weight loss and it's still worth doing.

I'd rather lose weight slowly than have gallbladder disease though. That was absolute bitter hell. So I'm okay with it. I like to imagine that with the slow pace and the extra labor going into it, I'll be more likely to keep it off this time. Time will tell....

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4/14/13 11:12 P

Perhaps you would benefit from asking your Dr to a referral to a Registered Dietitian.

Have you had bloods done to see if there is anything going on like hypothyroidism?

I read on your SparkPage that you have lost weight many times. Given that previously you have used a "Diet" method (Atkins and....?) it might be part the problem. People whose weight goes up/down/up/down/up find it harder to lose weight as time goes on. If you are finding that the SP healthy recommendations work, then I would be inclined to stick with them, rather than going for something that has obviously caused problems in the past, in that it doesn't really teach you a healthy way of eating/exercise.


4/14/13 7:33 P

Last year I had my gallbladder taken out. Since then I have had a lot more trouble losing weight. I use to lose easily. Now, it is really hard. I used to lose weight on Atkins type diets. Now, I can not lose on that type of diet. I have been doing more of the Spark People type diet and I lost again this week. Has this occured with anybody else?

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