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10/10/11 3:58 P

As long as it's fairly healthy, eat it! Life shouldn't be about eating trash. Food is meant to be delicious! Check with your doctor to see if you're at a healthy weight. If you are, your main goal might be more about getting toned than actually losing weight. You can gain muscle and lose fat and still stay at the same weight!

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10/7/11 12:27 A

I personally, Dont weigh myself. I feel like when I do, I just lose all motivation and gain a bunch of weight. So my advice? Dont get wrapped up with the numbers you see on the scale. Focus on how you FEEL. And eat foods that make you FEEL good. Not crap, but real food. Salads, whole wheat meals, veggies, fruits... You get it?

10/2/11 8:46 P

it's possible that you are already at a pretty healthy weight for you and don't need to lose weight. it sounds like you take good care of yourself so i think you should just keep doing what you're doing!

BLUEJEANS167 Posts: 1
10/2/11 7:48 P

i want to lose 15 the healthiest eater i know, excerise regularly. my only downfall is occasionally eating more than my body can handle (carbs,etc) which point i gain the two lbs i just gained right back. it has been a constant cycle for almost 2.5 yrs now. its extremely frustrating...i decided today i am only weighing myself the first of every month so i get a better idea of what i am. please help! i've never officially 'lost weight' before after the hundreds of diets i've tried, just lost , gained, repeat. now im eating only when im hungry, small portions, healthy food. any advice that would help me? it would be greatly welcomed! thankyou:)

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