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4/22/14 11:54 P

I haven't heard any of those musicians.

ONECALMMOM Posts: 6,258
4/22/14 5:56 P

My son loves Weird Al.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
4/22/14 5:07 P


SHERYLDS Posts: 17,092
4/22/14 4:04 P

love ragtime music and enjoy Tom Brier and Adam Swanson (born 1992) listen to these 2 doing Chopsticks in ragtime on two pianos, unplanned & unrehearsed

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4/22/14 3:59 P

Oh yeah, Weird Al has been around since my sons were young. Roger Alan Wade is on Sirius Outlaw Country satellite radio channel every Monday and Wednesday, has a one hour show with his cousin. You can go back to Homer & Jethro, country duo, used to do the Grand Ole Opry, had LP's out., etc.

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4/22/14 3:38 P

If you like that sort of musical humor... you'll love Victor Borge.

STRANGER70127 Posts: 407
4/22/14 3:21 P

I found some funny music composers.
Do any of you know anyone other than these?

Weird Al Yankovic
P.D.Q. Bach
Roger Alan Wade
Veggie Tales


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