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12/1/11 3:16 P

That's crazy! But thanks! Reality check me back into it :D I really do need to stop being so hard on myself, I've always been raised on trying to obtain perfection, when in reality its not reasonable!! Thank you!

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12/1/11 1:14 P


Every woman's stomach does that. It's perfectly normal. that "extra" skin is the reason your body had the ability to be able to bend over and move around. If your stomach was that tight, you wouldn't be able to move.

I really do think you're being much too harsh on yourself. You're trying to be perfect and no one is perfect. those images you see in the magazines really are an illusion and I can prove it. Check out this article and you'll see images are manipulated.

SPARX1990 Posts: 295
12/1/11 1:08 P

Thank you so much! I definitely needed to hear your guys advice :) I have been doing strength training, I actually enjoy it more than cardio but during the semester I tend to not have as much time to do it (instead I focus on cardio to remain at the same weight). Should I try focusing more on weight training than cardio? I exercise daily with 1 day off/week (even if it means only being able to get 30 mins. in). And that is a catch 22 :/ so frustrating right! I like being curvy but I want the flat stomach. Is there a middle ground? My problem with my stomach is that idk if its extra skin or what, but when I bend over it like pouches and hangs down a good 3/4 inches and does look tight at all, and it also looks like I have cellulite. I would be fine if it only hung down a little bit but its rather noticeable and makes me uncomfortable when I'm in a bathing suit or getting dressed around my friends.

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12/1/11 12:47 P

Hey Sparx - I hear you girlfriend! In the end I say forget the scale and just enjoy working out and eating right.

Focus on the fact that this is a lifeSTYLE - which means for life. If you learn that at your age, you will be soooooo far ahead of the game in the long run. The scale will change and it isn't the only or even the main factor for determining whether or not you are healthy.

I'm down over 90 lbs and honestly I hate my thighs and my stomach. But each year that I stay healthier, keep lifting, keep running, keep clean eating - the better things are getting. I had to make a decision that it's not about the number but about physical, mental, and emotional well being and those three things are tied to eating well and exercising - for LIFE.

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12/1/11 12:03 P

We are our own worst critics. Flaws we see in ourselves, no one else sees. Will your problem areas ever go away ? Do you mean, will you ever look like the models in the glossy magazines ? Probably not. That's not reality. The reason those women don't have problem areas is because they've all been airbrushed out of the picture.

All women have "issues" with their bodies. We're convinced our hips are too wide, our stomachs not flat enough, our boobs not perkie enough, etc... Well, there was a time when it was considered beautiful for women to have curves. Do you know who Raquel Welch is ? At one time, she was celebrated for her curvy figure. You know what ? she jiggled. she had flesh. Back then, it was okay for women to have flesh. But no more. Today, women are expected to be perfect i.e. flat stomachs, no jiggle, etc...

You can't beat on yourself because your body doesn't look a certain way.

Now, one thing I will ask you is whether or not you are doing any strength training ? If you really want to tighten up areas of your body, then you need to increase lean muscle. Muscle is dense and takes up less space on our bodies. Also, adding lean muscle could help you lose body fat.

BUT, here's your catch 22, if you want a perfectly flat stomach and do the right amount of strength training to get that flat stomach, the trade off is you lose any curves you have. That's the thing about adding lean muscle to lose body fat, you lose any curves. because in order for a woman to get a flat stomach requires extremely low body fat. And that's not typical for women.

SPARX1990 Posts: 295
12/1/11 11:47 A

So I currently weigh 128 pounds but am not satisfied. My stomach is still flabby and I feel like I have love handles. However, I'm having a really hard time losing the rest of the weight to make my problem areas go away. I go to the gym as often as I can and stay within calorie range for the most part (I am a college student living off campus so sometimes I eat out but when I do its usually fish and veges). Ive been stuck on a plateau for about 6 months. Is my body telling me its time for quits? I just really want to look great and become the person I envision (low body mass, no flab etc). Also I'm having a problem accepting the fact that I do look okay. I just can't turn off the "I still need to lose weight" mentality. Help! Idk what to do? Do I switch up my routine more? idk

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