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2/15/13 6:52 P

my tredmill dosent have any extra incline. i try to walk at least twice a day for 45 min each. i plan on getting a new one with my income tax.

NEWBERRYBEAR71 SparkPoints: (24,575)
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2/15/13 11:38 A

Lots of good suggestions! I would up my treadmill incline and go a couple days with higher calories. I know my body doesn't like lots of low calorie days. Sometimes just 200-500 more calories tricks it. Keep up the great work and remind yourself how far you've come!!

NANUK301 SparkPoints: (2,787)
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2/15/13 4:32 A

Using what you have is fine just try to switch the days or add more time to your workouts. Like when I walk every week I add more time and a 1/2 mile to challenge myself and not let my body get use to it or I'll walk faster to walk in less time. I even walk backwards for as long as I can. I even incorporated hula hooping, jump rope. I know that plateau is hard and nerve racking but hang in there you'll get to your goal weight. Again emoticon

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2/13/13 5:41 P

thanks everyone. i dont have alot of options when it comes to switching around. i live too far to go to gyms (country girl) and cant afford to buy alot of different equipment. so its either tredmill or indoor bike or weights

NANUK301 SparkPoints: (2,787)
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2/13/13 4:54 P

Try switching up your exercise routine, cut back, swap days, add something different. You have to trick your body because it got use to what you started off doing. Think of different things to do, I heard Zumba is awesome. Hope this helps and good luck on your weight loss journey and importantly DON'T GIVE UP!!!! emoticon

JRWELL58 Posts: 1,410
2/12/13 8:05 P

Amy, I know what you mean. I lost 10 pounds in January, then gained three back in February. All while doing 60 minutes of low impact aerobics to music per day and staying at 1200 calories ( day a week cheat and have 2000-3000). I really get down to the music, too! Work up a good perspiration!

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2/12/13 7:57 P

Keep working and push through! Sometimes our body gets used to the exercise and we have to add something to keep it challenged. Keep logging your food on your tracker and you will see the results you are seeking.

KIMBERLY19732 Posts: 289
2/12/13 7:36 P


LOTUS737 Posts: 3,274
2/12/13 6:33 P

I thoroughly second SLASALLE's advice below!

In addition, although I TOTALLY get how frustrating it is, remember that eating properly and working out is making you healthier and stronger!

Also, do you take any measurements other than the scale? It might help to take your measurements once a month, do some fitness tests, or measure your overall sense of strength/health (write a blog once a month maybe?).

Stick with it- you will break out of this and keep losing!

GETSALONG Posts: 2,842
2/12/13 6:08 P

might be hormonal... was for me... if you are still having ladies cycles, then check it out over the next few months, try to watch what happens over a month. i usually would have a woosh week when i started tom, a 2nd week where i lost a bit less, a 3rd week where i kinda stay the same, and the last few days week 4 actually gain 3 - 8 lbs depending on my eating, salt and heat. then when tom would start, if i hadn't really overeaten too much, those extra lbs from the last week plus some would woosh off and i'd be back to losing... so... i figure my real weight loss is month to month about day 3 or 4 after I start and all the extra water retention has wooshed off...

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2/12/13 5:52 P

You might have hit a plateau. This is common. Trying changing things up a bit. Our bodies get used to routines.

Eat at the high end of your range one day; the low end the next day.

Do something different for exercise, or do what you usually do, but at a difference pace, or a higher weight.

Also on exercise, switch up how often.

And last of all, know that the closer you get to your goal weight, the slower the weight loss. That is actually a good thing, because slower weight loss is more likely to stay off.

Whatever you do, don't give up. You can beat the scale. What other ways do you chart your progress - have you measured? Often, the scale will stop, but you'll continue to lose inches.

Good luck!

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2/12/13 5:34 P

Have lost 20 pounds but the past two weeks nothing. eat right workout every day and it won't budge any further. i mean nothing in two weeks is really discouraging.cant figure out the problem.

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