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TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
1/12/14 1:33 P

There's good advice here. Any pound I lose I would be
Happy. But , exercise would be a great help

1/12/14 1:27 P

High expectations can make .5 lb per week seem slow, but it's really within reason. If means you probably have a deficit between what you eat and what you burn of 1750 calories per week (1/2 of 3500 calories), or 250 calories per day. If you want to have a higher deficit and lose 1 lb per week you could add exercise to burn an additional 250 calories per day, which would increase the deficit to 500. If you are following a healthy food plan that has you eating at least 1200 calories per day then you should not reduce that side of the equation further, your body needs energy to function properly and keep you healthy.

Good Luck!

MLAN613 Posts: 18,612
1/12/14 10:30 A

Slow weight loss is more beneficial in the long run. Really. It's just hard to wait!

Also, if you made your nutrition tracker public, we could check it out to offer help. Exercise will help but remember, healthy living is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. In other words, you can't out exercise a crummy diet.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
1/12/14 10:23 A

I'm sorry you are feeling frustrated, but you should be proud of yourself for your 4 lbs weight loss! That's really quite an achievement!

In my experience, exercise can help weight loss, but not directly. What exercise does for me is it makes me stronger and more energetic, and so I am able to make better choices overall, and that includes better food choices. I guess it improves my overall metabolism, making it easier for my body to use up the calories I eat.

If you are not already exercising, you might find that you are extra-hungry the first few days after starting to exercise. The only way to make sure you are not eating too much when this happens is to track your food, and eat within a specific range of calories. If you are going by if you "feel hungry enough", then you are possibly going to undo your 8 lb weight loss after starting to exercise.

If you are not actually tracking and measuring your food, I recommend doing so! It is a pain in the neck to get into the habit, but it's the ONLY way to know FOR SURE how many calories you are getting and if you are within a range which will allow you to lose weight.

emoticon emoticon

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LEAPSTER2013 SparkPoints: (2,273)
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Posts: 45
1/11/14 9:18 P

Keep up the great work. There have been some weeks I would be so excited to lose 0.5 lb. I am hypothyroid and have metabolic syndrome.
Try to exercise and drink more. If it's cold, drive to an indoor malk and walk briskly through there. All the best to you!

1/11/14 8:21 P

Exercise would probably help. There are great free exercise videos available online here and on Youtube. I like Leslie Sansone's Walking indoors exercises especially if it's cold outside.

JBALDWIN29 Posts: 5,136
1/11/14 8:15 P

Exercise would definitely help.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,733
1/11/14 6:43 P

Increase of exercise would probably help, especially if you have a sit down job. But you aren't losing badly, don't pay attention to all the ads and diet stories in magazines, they don't tell the whole picture, and they never show you the person after 6 months or a year, when they have gained back all the pounds they "lost" so quickly, according to the magazine! Keep on just eating when you are really hungry, and be reasonable about it, do yourself a favor.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
1/11/14 6:22 P

I think you should be proud of yourself. How about adding in 8 glasses of water or more which will help flush out your stomach, eliminate retained water etc.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
Fitness Minutes: (36,342)
Posts: 2,545
1/11/14 5:52 P

0.5 #s a week is nothing to sneeze at! Losing weight slowly while adjusting to a healthier diet usually makes the weight loss more sustainable. If you continue at this rate that will be about 25#s in a year.

As for cutting more calories, it depends on how many calories a day you are currently eating, your current weight and your activity level.

If you are 5'5 weigh 130#s and are eating 1200 calories a day you may need to be eating more. You do not want to drop below 1200 calories a day.

Are you using the nutrition tracker? I find that tracking what I am eating, measuring my servings and assessing how well I am doing in terms of nutrition really helps me. I have a tendency to go too low fat which makes feel hungrier.

Dieting is difficult. I quit dieting because in the long run it doesn't work. (I dieted my way to 245#s) Deciding to live forever on a healthy diet is easier. Make slow, small, sustainable life style changes makes more sense to me. I watch my caloric intake (~1500/day), make sure that I get 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables. 80+ grams of protein and a reasonable amount of healthy fats every day. Trying to get in all of the healthy foods doesn't leave a lot of physical room for additional foods!

I can eat chocolate, cookies and anything else I want as long as I stay within my range. And because I plan to eat this way forever it takes the pressure off. If I decide I really want a bacon cheeseburger, I have one. But then I adjust the rest of my day to accommodate that decision. And if I go over once in a while I don't beat myself up, I just adjust the next couple of days.

With the change in attitude, eating healthy vs dieting, I don't feel deprived when someone brings in donuts or bagels. I look at it, ask myself how I will feel if I eat it (usually will feel bad-too many carbs make me feel stodgy and bloated) and usually decide I don't want it. If I really want it, I have it.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
1/11/14 4:54 P

how much do you weigh? and how tall are you? because if you weigh over 250lbs, yes you could probably manage 8lbs in 8 weeks. but if you're under 150, then half a pound a week is right in line with where you should be losing.
in other words, how much you reasonably have to lose is going to have a bigger impact on what you can lose than exercise ever will. and the smaller the number of pounds you have to lose, the smaller that weekly number is going to be.

SCOOBYDOO115 SparkPoints: (12)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 4
1/11/14 4:48 P

i have been on a diet now for 8 weeks eating regular breakfast lunch and dinner and a snack if i am hungry enough, but only lost 4 pounds, that is not really what i thought i would lose, hoping on atleast 8. could it be maybe lack of exercise it has been very cold here temperatures reaching 0 or below some days. and working i dont usually have the time. would cutting calories way lower help? dieting is kinda a pain and i seem to be losing verrry slooowly!! but never to give up;)

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