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BONNIEBONNEAU SparkPoints: (31,849)
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10/10/11 5:14 P

i am buying small baguettes, they are wonderful , but half the size of the normal one..i will go with rolls for SP - ty

10/5/11 10:15 A

You could weigh the bread on a food scale and try to find the calories here on spark that way.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 6,994
10/5/11 10:10 A

What sort of small french bread?

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 15,090
10/5/11 10:06 A

When you go to track your calories, type French Rolls into the search portion and guess the ounces. It would really only be a guess, but I imagine better than nothing

BONNIEBONNEAU SparkPoints: (31,849)
Fitness Minutes: (39,978)
Posts: 1,542
10/5/11 10:02 A

i am buying small french bread everyday, its the best way to buy bread here..but i have no idea what kind of calories i am eating, and there is no way i will ask a Parisian about plse advise me - thank you

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